Miss Nelson bookmarks


As it is Valentine today, I thought I would make a couple of bookmarks with my cat. I love her with all my heart! ❤️

I am not good at writing or drawing or cutting. So the bookmarks may look a bit childish. But I didn’t find any templates of hearts. Sure on the internet, but I didn’t want to do that this time. And after all, it’s the thought that counts. And the process of doing something. The end result doesn’t have to be as perfect as in magazines etc.

Well, I just started cross stitching another Vervaco bookmark! You’ll see some day!


Seaside bookmarks


Finally had time to finish the light house bookmark from Vervaco. It’s late in the evening and I need to sleep. But I wanted to finish the bookmark. The beach house bookmark was finished some days ago, but I like to show the matching bookmarks at the same time.

My favorite parts are the blue and red at the top and bottom. I also like the pale blue sky.

A few days ago I made some more sticker bookmarks. But they still need book plastic. I am not going to post them here, because I have so many of them. When I do other kinds of bookmarks I will post pictures.

Sticker bookmarks


Tonight I made some sticker bookmarks. I have a lot of those in my collection!

From the grocery store down the street (well, it’s up a low hill), I got five sheets of stickers. This first sheet had butterflies, flowers, ladybugs and bees.


These are from another sheet of stickers. Faeries, mushrooms etc.


Here are mostly flowers and a few butterflies.


Can’t get enough of cute colorful owls! 🙂


Finally, a sheet of stickers with princesses, dragons, knights, unicorns etc.

The bookmarks are made from A6 cardstock, cut in half. I already have A6s cut in half, so I didn’t cut the cardstock tonight. I covered all the bookmarks in book plastic.

The sticker sheets were quite large, so I have plenty of these same types of stickers. But I will use them for letters, postcards etc.

I have been cross stitching on a bookmark, of course. But it will take a while to make both of the matching pair.

On the weekend I hope I will have time for some other types of crafts.

Maya the Bee bookmarks


I have now made these two bookmarks. Maya the Bee and her friend Willy. I finished backstitching Willy this morning. It’s a pale blue Aida fabric, so it looks like they are in the air. Vervaco again.

I watched Maya on TV as a child, but this is a more modern Maya. She looked different when I watched her on TV.

Here is a link to a YouTube video where Maya is born:
Maya the Bee

I have more bookmark kits to cross stitch, but I have not decided which one to make next. I have counted all my bookmarks. Now I have a total of 1419 bookmarks. A bit less than the 1500 I guessed first. But pretty close guess.

Long knitted wrist warmers

I finished these tonight. 🙂 They go all the way up to the elbow. I would have chosen another yarn, maybe single colored. But two weeks ago, at the knit and crochet cafe I finished the socks quite early in the evening. I only had the sock yarn with me, so I either had to go home early or start a new project with the same yarn. I chose to start making these.

The yarn lasted for both socks and one wrist warmer. Plus up to seven blue stripes on the other wrist warmer. I used mum’s leftover yarn when my yarn ended. She had made the same blue white socks for my nephew (the 15 year old), for Christmas.

Now I will focus more on the bookmark. I have not even finished the border yet, so I’m just in the beginning.

All my cross stitched bookmarks!


I thought I would show you all my cross stitched bookmarks! I have probably around 1500 bookmarks in total. Many I have made, many I have received. But here are the cross stitched ones.

I like repeating a pattern if I find a little one. Thus is the case with the three to the left and the one to the right. Fourth from the left are my initials AE. The flags are from the top: Finland, Åland islands (belongs to Finland, in the Baltic sea), unofficial flag for Swedish speaking Finns (my minority), the Sami flag (first inhabitants of Finland, also found in Sweden and Norway), Sweden, Norway, Faroe Islands, Denmark, Greenland, and at the bottom, Iceland. In short, flags used in the Nordic countries and their territories!


The blue bunny and the green/orange/yellow stripes are made on plastic canvas. A few I have glued to cardboard. On the top, to the right, are a row of small Russian babushkas.


I decided to add the ones recently made too, so here are the floral ones again. Cute owls and black Christmas cats.


And here are the music bookmarks again, with some colorful monsters and cats sitting of roofs.


Here are funny sheeps, three teddy bears, birds and a one with flowers and butterflies.


In the middle some butterflies and then some symmetrical patterns and bookmarks with hearts and flowers.


Finally, several owls and two trolls!

Most of these are probably Vervaco, some I have found in various cross stitch magazines etc. I finished a bookmark today! But I am going to wait until I have cross stitched the matching pair before posting a picture.

I love cross stitching bookmarks!

Blue/white knitted socks

Finished these at the first knit and crochet cafe after the Christmas break. In the picture the white looks almost beige, but in reality I would say it is a very, very pale blue. But it’s supposed to be white. The yarn was released last year I think, to celebrate Finland’s 100 years of independence. Many Finns knitted these socks last year.

So it was the first time I tried another heel than the one I usually knit. I watched a Swedish tutorial on Youtube. Some larger holes in the heel, but I might try to sew a few stitches to make them smaller later.

I finished the socks quite early in the evening, and I only had that yarn with me. So the rest of the time I started knitting wrist warmers. You’ll see when they are done. Probably going to take a while, because I have no pattern to follow. And I want to focus on the cross stitched bookmarks now.