Different types of bookmarks


I decided to post some pictures of different types of bookmarks I have made during the years. Most of the home made ones are sticker bookmarks. Stickers on card stock and covered with book plastic.


Here are a few more sticker bookmarks.


A lot of bookmarks I have printed from the Internet (google search ‘free printable bookmarks to color’ or something like that). On some sites you have to register to be able to print the bookmarks, but I have never done that.


A few more of the colored bookmarks. The ‘Be You’ is from Red Ted Art (a woman who has a ton of crafting videos on YouTube!).


Some bookmarks are just origami paper (the three first ones) or scrapbook paper cut to strips and covered with book plastic. I realize that the third one (with the butterflies) is upside down, but I am in a hurry. I have to go to work very soon.


Garfield bookmarks. Cut from comic albums. I don’t remember what the tiger is called (Hobbes?) For the two on the sides, I have cut out small images of Garfield and some food, and written some own cartoons.


A bit of this and that. I cut out strips from a Moomin book and glued them to card stock. Sometimes I find patterns that are nice. So I color them and glue them too on card stock as in this case. The two in the middle are quotes about books. The crocodile I found in a book, took a copy and glued it to the green card stock.


Different fonts I have printed out on Word and colored a little bit. Niki was my previous cat, Kimi is the F1 driver Kimi Räikkönen.


I had stickers of women, so I thought of names and added some text about them, who they are etc. Iceman is Kimi’s nickname (another cool font I found on Word). Moomin stickers with a quote about the character (in this case Moominmamma). The blue/white I just colored. Found the pattern in a book.

So these are just a few of my handmade bookmarks, but I wanted to show you different types that I have made. I have between 1600 and 1700 bookmarks I think. Now I will hurry to work! 🙂


Crocheted mandala


This mandala was a free gift with an issue of Mollie Makes (I think that’s the name of the magazine). This year in any case. I only had a ripped out page of the magazine with the instructions.

It was my first crocheted mandala. I finished it late tonight. A bit difficult to crochet the last round, which was around the plastic hoop. But it was easier when I had made some stitches.

I want to make more mandalas in the future. But we’ll see when the next one will be made.

I really must sleep now. Close to midnight already. I just wanted to finish the mandala before going to bed.


Three small pictures


I finished these three cross stitched pictures a few days ago and today I attached the frames and nailed them to the wall. 🙂 They are just next to the door to my bedroom. They are from the previously mentioned Svarta Fåret company (the black sheep).

Here are larger pictures:


I finished this one first. Two little birds on a branch.


The cats were the next to be finished.


Finally I made the sheep picture. Of the three, this is my favorite. I love the little sheep with a big smile on his face! 😀

It was hard putting them into the frames. I struggled to get them somewhat evenly. The fabric is glued to the inner frame on the back side.

I will probably get some more mini pictures to change with the season or when I want to look at some other pictures. Christmas themed in December, maybe something else in the autumn.

Winter town bookmarks


It’s been awhile since I finished some crafts, but tonight I finished the pair of winter town bookmarks. The one to the left (blue border) some days ago and the other late tonight.

They are Vervaco, as most of my cross stitched bookmarks. This time there was too little of the dark yellow. It was enough for the yellow border and a few more stitches on the other bookmark. So I had to go to a crafts store and asked the man selling there if he had the correct shade of yellow thread. He did have it. Also the white was just enough to finish both bookmarks. A very short piece was left, not even worth saving! It went in the trash can with other small pieces of thread.

The second one was easier to cross stitch. I actually made both the blue and the yellow borders first, before continuing with the blue bookmark. There’s a white inner border without stitches, but apart from that the whole area was stitched.

Almost midnight. I watched an ice hockey game (which ended in my country’s team being sent home from the world championships) 😦 Oh well, better luck next year!

I had a day off from work today, and tomorrow too. So I had/have plenty of time to do crafts. 🙂


The other flower bookmark


I have now finished the matching bookmark to the one in a previous post. I cross stitched a whole lot yesterday and today.

I took part in a sewing class which was from 6 pm to 9 pm yesterday and from 10 am to 4 pm today, with a little lunch break. (You could sew, knit, crochet etc.) I cross stitched late last night and early in the morning too.

I finished it around 3 pm, so I had one more hour to do something. I started knitting a purple bird, but didn’t like how the yarn turned out to be when knitted. It was the same yarn as the Amineko cat. So I will rip up all that I knitted and start over with another yarn. I only made about 15 rounds, so it doesn’t take long to start over. But not today! I want to relax and read a book. I think there will be an ice hockey game to watch on TV tonight.

Here are both bookmarks together, in case you forgot what the other one looked like:


They are beautiful, but difficult to cross stitch, especially the second one. And I didn’t like the pattern, how they would use + for one shade of yellow and x for the other yellow. It was hard to tell the difference the way they were drawn. Same with the red/pink shades which were different types of arrows. Many times it was easier to look at the color picture of the ready bookmarks, even if the photo was quite small.

My first knitted bird!


Tonight I tried to make a knitted bird. It is from a book by Arne and Carlos. Google them if you don’t know who the two Norwegians are!

It was the first time I tried to knit like a toy or something. And I only had the book in Finnish. (Not my mother tongue…)

Some beginners’ mistakes, I am sure. But it was fun to make! The beak looks a bit weird. Maybe I had too thick yarn. A few holes I had to sew afterwards.

I started around 6 pm and finished at 10 pm, taking breaks every now and then.


Another angle of the bird. The yarn is a sock yarn from Novita, changing colors automatically. Here’s the yarn:


My next step would be to make a single colored bird and try to embroider a pattern with V-stitches. There are some birds like that in the book. I think the English version is called ”A field guide to knitted birds” or something like that.

The Norwegians use small seed beads for eyes and many birds are decorated with sequins and feathers at the back. A crocheted strand can be added to the head if it is going to be hanged up in a tree. Feet (optional) are made of thick metal wire. But I don’t have that.

It’s late, so I need to sleep now.

Keyring strap


This was a free kit with Cross Stitcher magazine 330 (May 2018). I made it tonight.

I did not quite understand how to attach the strip of soft leather like material to the key ring. So I improvised a little. I also added a little bit of glue, but there was no mention of glue in the magazine.

I might attach it to a bag when travelling.

I’m watching an ice hockey game on TV now. I might continue cross stitching the bookmark while I watch the end of the game.