Ongoing crochet project


This is my big crochet project at the moment. 😃I have folded it in half in the picture.

The starting row consisted of 199 chain stitches! I had to start over a couple of times when I thought I had 199 stitches and then at the end of row 1, after adding lots and lots of treble stitches (double stitches) it didn’t match up! ☹️ But I finally started adding stitch markers on every 50th stitch, so it was easier to count. Why didn’t I do that the first time?

Well, this is my third blanket. 🙂 As you can see I have white between every colored stripes and I have five colors (well, six colors; white is a color too…) I am now doing the pink again, repeating the color combo. So after pink, I will make white and then blue again etc.

I have crochet about 33 cm so far, having started in August (don’t remember the exact date). The width is about 95 cm, plus some sort of edge later when the lenght is right. I haven’t decided the length yet.

It depends on the yarns I have. I know that they sell white, pink and orange in the shops, but I’m not sure about blue, green and purple. They may not be available any more… I have lots of yarn in plastic bags. I might find more of the yarn I need. I could also try and ask the members of the knit & crochet café that started again last Monday.

It has a soft wavy pattern, increasing at the tops and decreasing in the valleys.

I crochet three rows of each color before moving to a new color. The pattern is from a Finnish magazine called Kauneimmat käsityöt (1/2016) but I am using an other type of yarn and not the same colors. I don’t remember what size their blanket was. I crochet with the same brand as the previous blankets and the socks (Novita, 7 brothers, or 7 veljestä as it is called in Finnish.

If I’m having a good day, I can crochet maybe 3-6 rows per day. There are nearly 200 stitches per row, so one row takes quite some time!

Other things I’m doing is the earlier mentioned bookmarks, but I have not done much to those yet. I started crocheting a little bear at the knit & crochet café on Monday, but haven’t done anything else to it during the rest of the week. I might crochet a little later tonight.

But now I am going to finish the second row of pink. 🙂


Cat toy

I was able to find a frame for the cross stitched picture today. 🙂 But I did not have time to iron the fabric or put it in the frame.

Instead I have been doing something else this afternoon! I made a cube of felt fabric for the cat. 😀

It’s a cube that is 8 cm on each side. I filled it with cotton and a little bell (last picture) to make it jingle! The red string looks a bit odd (and stiff) but I put it there so the cat can carry it in her mouth.

They sold 8 bells in a little plastic bag, so I still have 7 bells. Maybe I find other uses for them.

I have no sewing machine, so I have to sew with thread and needle.

The thing is, the cat found a similar toy that mum’s day care children play with. That’s why I decided to make a similar toy for the cat. A toy that is hers, not the children’s.

If you are familiar with Instagram, find me (erkasanna) to see a video where the cat plays with her new toy! 😀 And do follow me while you are there!

Cross stitch diary, day 39


Finished! 😀 I made the second bird in just a couple of hours. Now I only need to iron the fabric and find a frame from a shop. 🙂

It was fun stitching the fawn and the birds. It will hang on my wall in my bedroom, but I am not sure of the exact location yet.

On to the next project then! I will not do another cross stitch diary anymore, at least not for a while, so it might take a while before I upload a new post. I am crocheting something at the moment. And I will start cross stitching a couple of bookmarks later today. I will show you when they are finished. 🙂

Cross stitch diary, day 35


I did some more of the tree branch yesterday. Different shades of brown. Yesterday was the first time during this project that I had to undo some stitches… Very annoying!

I might finish the tree branch today, but I have to look after my sister’s dog today, so I might not have time to stitch that much.

I’ll try to stitch some now, in the morning, if the cat allows me. 😉 The cat is now next to me on the bed, and when I took the picture for this post, the cat lay down on top of the stitching when I was done! But she seems to be tired now.