2nd cross stitch diary, day 44


I think you can guess that this will be a Christmas tree. 🙂 It is quite large, five sections, getting larger at the bottom. There will be some candles and red baubles in it too.

I didn’t finish the socks yet. It’s getting late, so I don’t want to do anything more tonight.


2nd cross stitch diary, day 43


I was going to post this picture here to show you what I’d made. But I got no internet connection.

While I waited for the internet to start working again, I finished the back stitches! 😀


Here’s the updated picture. Must get ready for work. When I come home I can start on a new part. 🙂

Last night was the last knit and crochet cafe before Christmas. I brought with me the socks that I have zero interest in… Happy to say I got plenty done and only have a few more stitches! I already started decreasing for the toe part.

I’ll finish the sock in the evening and try to start embroider some letters on them.

But now I’m running late! Need to go!