Planning and adding 6th color!

So, I started planning a pattern today for the blanket. At first I thought I would just stitch together hexagons in a random order, but then I thought I would try to come up with a pattern of some kind.

The size is not changed, but I have added a 6th color combination! I decided to do so when I planned how the blanket who look like.

I went to a store to pick some colors. That was really hard! I stood for quite some time with colored yarns in my hands, trying to find a nice color combination. I tried different versions and colors. Finally I came up with honey, wine red and blue. 🙂

I will crochet a hexagon using the three colors and post a picture of it so you can see.

Earlier today I have been finishing off other hexagons by adding the final layer to them. Still have several to do before I am all done with them.

I counted the squares I need for the blanket. Adding a new color combo means that I need less of the others. I need the following number of hexagons:

  • mustard, deep purple, green: 50 hexagons
  • yellow, orange, green: 45 hexagons
  • light purple, dark pink, dark purple: 50 hexagons
  • peach, turquoise, grey: 36 hexagons
  • honey, wine red, blue: 40 hexagons
  • pink, red, petrol: 36 hexagons

When I have finished round 5 of the ones I am working on I have between 20 and 22 of each color. Except for the new color of course, which I haven’t started on yet.

So, that’s where I am now. I will eat something now and then continue crocheting.

I will do a lot of crocheting tonight when I watch a pre-world cup game (ice hockey) between Finland and Sweden. 🙂



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