Rounds 1 and 2

Last night I made 14 white circles (round 1). Today I made 36, and have a total of 50. I have been crocheting round two today too. I have made 36 so far, so I have 14 left… I don’t think I will be able to finish all of them today. I am waiting for a movie to continue now and I think it will continue to until after midnight, so I do have time to crochet. It’s a good way to stay awake while watching the movie.

Tomorrow I am going to the knit and crochet café, so I will make some good progress there too. Probably working on round 3 then. If I don’t finish round 2 today, I will finish it early tomorrow.

I am not going to post pictures of all the hexagons I am making, as they look the same as the previous pictures.

This time I am making 14 of the pink/red ones, 15 of the peach/blue ones and 21 of the new honey/wine red ones. After I am done with the pink and peach ones I don’t have to make any more of them!

I thought I would do like that now. Finish off one color at a time, well, two colors this time. But when I am done with the 50 hexagons I am working on now, I will still have 99 to make. So I then I will crochet all the rest of the mustard ones (30) and so on.

Well, now the movie continues, so I am going to crochet a little more with the honey colored yarn. 🙂


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