Little bead angel


This is my little bead angel that hangs on my key ring! 😀

I saw a similar idea on Pinterest, but there they had made the angel into earrings instead and used other colors.

It was a little tricky to get the wings, because the needle that I used to put it together didn’t want to pierce the layers of fabric. But I pierced the fabric with a thin, sharp needle and tried to make a larger hole in the fabric and that helped a bit.

My second problem was to bend the metal needle on top so that it was tight. It’s not really tight, because the bead hat is a little loose. I didn’t really know what kind of pliers to use to squeeze the metal into a tight loop. But it doesn’t fall apart. 🙂

When I go to the beading class that starts in the end of September I will ask the teacher how to make the loop better and then I will make more of these little angels. This body is pink, but I also have blue drop shaped beads.

The angel is much smaller than in the picture of course. It’s about 3 centimeters in reality.

Update on the hexagons: I have now ended round 2! 🙂 I will take a break from the crocheting now and continue tonight when I go to the knit and crochet café. There I will begin round 3.


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