Quick update

Just a quick update. I have been crocheting round 3. I didn’t do much on Tuesday and Wednesday when I had other things to do (Italian and a little trip to meet a moose! Check my main blog!)

Today I have been crocheting quite a lot, but I still have 20 more to make. And I noticed a mistake… I had crocheted too much on a purple hexagon. The stitches repeated are 2 double crochets, one chain stitch and 2 double crochets. Well, I had done 2 + 1 + 4! I must have been tired when I could not count to two! 😉 So I had to rip up round 2 and now I have a little white circle… I will soon crochet round 2 again on the white circle, and then round 3 of course.

Thankfully that is the only hexagon where I noticed a mistake, so I guess I have made all the other hexagons correct! 😀

Oh well, I hope I will be able to finish round 3 late tonight or early tomorrow. I am going to see a theater play in a couple of hours, but after that I will watch an ice hockey game. So I might finish it then.


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