257 African flower hexagons!!


Here they are, sorted by color! šŸ˜€ All 257 hexagons done! At 10.40 pm I cut the last thread off the last hexagon.

I have of course counted them to make sure I have the correct number of hexagons, according to the pattern I am going to use.

So, what pattern is it?


Lets call the top row A, B and C. The bottom row we can call D, E and F. (I call them something else).

One row in the blanket will have 13 or 14 hexagons (it will not have straight edges; the hexagons on the picture show how one corner will look like). The rows with 14 hexagons will consist of D E F D E F D E F etc. The rows with 13 hexagons will thus be A B C A B C A B C etc. There will be a total of 10 rows with DEF and a total of nine rows with ABC.

I have realized that D and F (the ones that look so similar) will be next to each other, but I can’t change that anymore now.

It’s late now. (30 minutes to midnight…) Tomorrow I will begin the boring job of pressing the hexagons with an iron (I think I will need to cover the hexagons with a moist towel before pressing down the iron, but I will check with mum tomorrow to make sure I don’t destroy all the hexagons!)

TheĀ previousĀ blanket I made (narrow picture at the top of this blog), I stitched together with yarn and needle. This time I will try to crochet it together.



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