Update on the blanket

So, I have not been working much on the blanket yesterday and today. The reason is I wanted to start knitting a sock! And, as usual, I got drawn into it like water getting drawn into a sponge… Well, I have now finished one sock! 🙂 And I need another sock for the other foot, of course! I’ll start that tomorrow.

I did stitch on the blanket this evening and I soon have 6 rows on the blanket. I will finish row 6 before going to bed, although it’s already late.

I’ll show you the socks, when the other sock is finished too.

I am not a good knitter, but I have learned to knit socks (almost entirely). I did try to decrease the stitches to make the toe part (to close the sock), but it just didn’t look good. The decreased stitches were so loose, there were big gaps in the sock. I don’t want that. So once again, mum finished the sock. She ripped up the rounds where I had decreased and started again.

It took many socks before I got the courage to knit the heel part myself. Now I can do that. It’s not the prettiest sock in the world, but it looks okay for a beginner. I guess someday I will learn how to make the decreasing look good too, but for the time being I’ll let mum finish the sock. She knows the secret to make the stitches look tight. No big gaps.

Oh well, I’d better continue with row 6. I will knit on the other sock tomorrow too, but I am also going to stitch the blanket much more than I’ve done yesterday and today.


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