Bracelet # 2


It’s difficult taking pictures of the bracelets. But I think you can see the design. I made it last night at the beading class.

Three shades of purple, three different sizes. The beads are of course much smaller than what they seem to be in the picture. The small beads form an x.

It’s a little loose for my wrist, so it glides along the wrist, but it’s fine. It is fastened with a lock and it’s made with a non-stretch thread and needle.

The technique was called zig zag I think. You go up and down, up and down, forming tear drops of pearls, attaching them to a bed from a previous drop shape.

The next class will not be until November 4th, because in two weeks (when the next class should have been), the school kids have autumn holiday and the adult schools that offer these classes I am taking, are closed all week. So there is no beadwork, no Italian and no knit & crochet café during week 42.

Update on the sock and the blanket…

I have made the heel on the knitted sock. I now have to pick up stitches along the sides so I can start knitting around again. I’ll do it later. It’s the trickiest part of making the sock, so I am not looking forward to it.

The blanket, well, it still has only 6 rows attached. But I have been stitching two rows together and I am attaching a third row to it. Those three rows will then be attached to the blanket. I will do it today, so I think tonight I will have 9 rows on the blanket.

I am also cross stitching an owl bookmark. 🙂


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