Knitted socks

These are the socks I have been knitting in the past days! 😀 (Mum made the white and pink stripes at the top to finish them. I can not do that yet.)

I am almost always using yarns called “7 veljestä” (=7 brothers) from a company called Novita. They have a lot of different colored yarns and also, like in this case, yarns that change color automatically! I can not change color if I am stitching with two single color yarns. So it’s good that there are these yarns that give a pattern automatically. This specific color combo is called Karkki (=Candy). 🙂

I like how the white stripe surrounds the heel part, making a Y shape.

Not all yarns give striped socks. Other patterns are possible too.

Later I will post pictures of my other socks etc. that I have been knitting in the past. But I think I will do that later this week.

The socks are comfortable. Not itchy at all. I really dislike yarn/clothes that itch.

I use the same 7 brothers yarn for the African flower blanket, but those are single color yarns of course.

I will now put away the knitting needles for a while.


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