Toilet paper roll yarn hats :)

Instructions here

Click on the link above (where it says Instructions here) to see instructions for these cute little hats! πŸ˜€ I think the YT channel is called Handimania. It has several cool DIY videos! Check it out!

The hats are made from an empty toilet paper roll and quite a lot of yarn.

The teddy bears are just acting models for the hats tonight. I might do some small snowmen or may be crochet little teddy bears that can wear these hats.

For the one to the right I used the yarn that was left over when I had knitted my socks (the candy colored from a previous post). I just put the strands in a random order. The one to the left is two strands pink, two strands yellow etc.

One toilet paper roll gives five hats, so I can make three more. But I’ll do that another day. May be I’ll make those single colored, as they are in the video.

I have not been working on the blanket today – yet. I might crochet a little before going to bed. Nothing good on TV. May be I’ll watch an episode or two of Numb3rs on DVD.


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