Matchbox crafts

Sorry for the absence… I have now decided what my next bigger project will be.

I really like tiny things. The smaller the better. Miniatures.

There is this thing on Pinterest called matchbox crafts. I would like to do that over the next weeks.

I have these matchboxes:


50 empty white boxes. The idea is to decorate the outside of the box and then make a little thing to put in the box. It might be a little mouse, a cute baby of some sort, a snowman etc. Anything small that fits in there.

On Pinterest they have a lot of these matchbox crafts. Usually it is a little creature sleeping in the box, with a little pillow and a little blanket. We’ll see what I come up with.

Apart from that I am putting together a crazy jigsaw puzzle with 1000 pieces. I have got the frame and a little more. It’s a picture of Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawing “The Vitruvian Man”. You can google the Vitruvian Man to see how the jigsaw puzzle looks like. It’s like a sheet of paper with the drawing of the man and above and below written text.

It is very difficult. I might put book plastic on it when I have finished it and put it on the wall. I don’t want to rebuild it…

Well, over the next few days I also want to make some simple Halloween crafts. We don’t celebrate Halloween so much. But I want to make some bookmarks or similar. I’ll show you when it’s done.

A while ago I wrote that I’d show you the socks I have been knitting. I’ll do that tomorrow.

Keep checking this blog! I’ll keep you updated what I do. 🙂



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