Knitted socks etc.

As promised, here are pictures of the socks etc. I have knitted.

I don’t remember in which order I made them. I think I might have started with the rainbow socks, then the pink camouflage, the ones above (which was called parrot) and then the yellow/orange/pink/white, which I made recently. That yarn was called candy.

I don’t remember at which point I made the leg warmers or the hand warmers. I don’t use the leg warmers so much. I mostly use the socks and the hand warmers.

Oh, and I did a pair of socks for my niece too, which are like the pink camouflage in purple shades. I think the purple ones were the first pair I made, before last Christmas. So all of the above are from this year. I probably finished the rainbow ones in January.

I also have another two pairs of knitted socks that I have been given for Christmas.

It took a few socks before I could make the heel. Mum made the heel on the first two pairs, I think (or three pairs if you count the niece’s socks too). And I still cannot make the toe part. I try to reduce the number of stitches, but I can not pull the yarn tight enough. It looks like big holes in the sock. 😦

The leg warmers I made just as I did the first part of the socks, but with more stitches in each round. They don’t stretch at the other end, where I stopped knitting, so I always have to put that side around the ankle.

The hand warmers I also made like socks (the first part), but then they are smooth (I don’t know the English knitting terms). I had problems figuring out how to make the hole for the thumb, but eventually got it. The last part of the hand warmers (after the thumb) is a bit stretchy. When I do 2 + 2 on the beginning of the socks, I did 1 + 1 on the end of the hand warmers. (Two of one stitch, then two of the other kind of stitch etc.)

I use the same kind of yarn for all the knitted things (Novita 7 brothers). I also used 7 brothers for the blankets I have crocheted. The yarn changes colors automatically, so I don’t have to think about changing to another yarn. I don’t know how to change to a new yarn when I knit.

I would like to knit something else too (like a cap or mittens). Ultimately I would like to be able to knit dolls or things like that, but that’s very far into the future. First I need to know how to make the toe part of the sock…

Well, we’ll see what I knit next. I don’t plan to knit anything during the remaining year, but you never know. I might change my mind quickly, especially if I get my hands on a beautiful yarn. 😉


2 thoughts on “Knitted socks etc.

    • Yes, and there is lots to choose from. They probably have 20-30 yarns giving different patterns. It’s funny to try a new type (like the parrot or the camouflage, because you don’t really know what the pattern will be until you have knitted several rounds.


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