Knitted mittens! :D

I wrote earlier that I would probably not use the knitting needles any more this year… But then I also wrote that I might quickly change my mind.

Well, here are my first pair of knitted mittens! 😀

I finished the left hand mitten a few days ago. Today I started and finished the right hand mitten. So that went really quickly! 🙂

I did everything on the mittens, even closing them at the top. Mum has never knitted mittens before, so I could not ask her how to make them.

They are the same type of yarn as my socks, Novita 7 brothers; yarn that automatically change color.

They are OK, especially considering they are my first pair and I had zero experience of knitting mittens before. I had a description to follow. I printed it out from the Novita website. I watched a YouTube video how to make the thumb, because I didn’t really understand the written description.

I don’t think they will be so warm, but I think they can be used when it’s a little warmer outside, some plus degrees Celsius. There are some gaps in them, so the wind will blow through them. But may be I’ll wear them if I take the bus to town or walk across the street to the grocery store.

I am not entirely comfortable with the location of the thumb and the first thumb (the left one), might have been a few millimeters too short. But I stretched the mittens a little while wearing them. So the left thumb now feels better. I think I did the right thumb a row or two longer.

Well, knitting mittens was pretty easy, at least this model. But I usually have pretty cold hands when I am out, so I want warm gloves. As I wrote, I will use them for warmer days and when I am briefly outside. But I think I have more use for socks, which I wear almost every day during the autumn/winter months.


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