Moomin crochet

This is a Moomintroll I started crocheting on the knit and crochet café on Monday evening. I finished him last night. 🙂

It was pretty easy to crochet the troll. I used a Finnish book called “Mukavat Muumiamigurumit” (by Laura von Knorring). The book had many clear images how to crochet certain parts and how to make the tail (which is not crocheted).

The Moomintroll turned out a little larger than I expected, but that’s because I used a thicker yarn than was suggested in the book. The ears, arms and legs were crocheted with a thinner hook (2.5 mm) while the head and body was made with a 3.0 mm hook.

I will crochet more Moomin characters from the book, but first I must see if I have enough of the white yarn. It’s a yarn called Novita Miami and it’s hard to find these days. I bought several balls of yarn months or years ago when there were a lot of them in stores. So I think I have enough white yarn. I might find some in a store as well. But some stores don’t sell this yarn anymore.

I will crochet the Snorkmaiden next. She is made in the same way as the Moomintroll. You just add a little yellow hair and a golden ring. Other characters I will make are Moominpappa, Moominmamma, Sniff, Little My, Hemulen, Snufkin and a few Hattifatteners.

If the Moomins are unfamiliar to you (which I hope they are not!), here is a link to the Moomin site where you can read about the characters:

Moomin characters in English

If you have never read a Moomin book you really should do it! Moomin was created by the Swedish speaking Finn Tove Jansson (in the 1940’s I think). I am not sure, but I think there are 9 or 10 books that she wrote about the Moomins. Then there are of course countless versions of animated series (on TV, DVD, YouTube), and lots of children’s picture books as well. Tove Jansson also created comic strips about Moomin. I think she wrote and drew the comics with her brother.

My favorite Moomin character is Little My.

Well, I might start with Snorkmaiden later today.



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