Beading class # 4

Ok, today was the fourth beading class. Rain and strong winds when I went there with the bicycle. Very wet snow when I went home. I had to walk with the bike home, because it was so much wet, slushy snow on the streets.

No picture to show, because I didn’t finish the Christmas tree bauble. :/ But I have not much left, so I will finish it tomorrow. I don’t want to do it anymore this evening.

I might have finished it today, but we do several different things on the class, and the teacher has to walk around and show each one individually (unless there is a group of two or three doing the same thing, like tonight). So there’s quite a lot of waiting. In the end I just looked at the finished bauble, which I used as a guide, and figured out how to do it myself. But I still need to attach some strands of beads, hanging down from the bauble.

I have made the head of the Snorkmaiden, but I haven’t crocheted on it today. I have started crocheted an arm but need to make two arms before I begin with the body.


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