C2C and X-mas card pictures

As promised, here are pictures of the crocheting and the Christmas cards I wrote about earlier today.


I didn’t quite know what kind of pattern the yarn would turn out to be. It’s my first attempt at C2C crochet, so it might be a little crooked. But I will turn it into a pillowcase. I still need to crochet a lot though. I think the work is now 23 or 24 centimeters on the two equal sides. And the pillow is around 40, so I am just over halfway. Then I need another square for the other side of the pillow.

But it was relaxing to crochet. I didn’t have to think much. The hands did the work themselves, if you understand what I mean. There was no counting or checking a pattern. Just repeating the same thing over and over again. I will work on this as I watch television in the evenings.

And here are pictures of the Christmas cards. There are close ups of two of the little cards:

Click on the images to make them larger. I did a total of 24 cards in different sizes. Five of them are mini cards, eight are large and 11 are medium. Most of the mediums are just a picture glued to a card. Sometimes I glued the picture to another piece of paper before gluing it to the card. So I got a little border. I didn’t write anything on the medium cards, because if I send them to another country, I will try and write Merry Christmas in that language. (If I send one the France, I will write in French etc.) The mini cards were just a few stickers and a few words. I also cut out a circle for one of the mini cards and made a kind of bauble out of it.

The larger cards required more work. The wreath with a heart inside, is lots of small flower shaped punched out pieces. Red berries are also punched out, as well as the big snowflakes in one of the cards (with two trees). The green card with trees and a heart, is made from old book pages. The book page I folded to make them look like trees.

In the brown card I made gingerbreads and the mug contains what we call “glögg”. It’s like a hot fruit juice with spices.

In the upper corner of that card is a cake that is common here in Finland around Christmas. It has a blob of plum marmalade/jam in the middle. I will sometime take photos of the real cakes, when I bake them.

Well, I still haven’t unpacked the back pack with all the stuff in, so I will make some more cards. I still have some of the mini cards and some of the large cards as well. I also have lots of the little pictures that I used for the medium cards.

At the Christmas card marathon were a lot of scrapbookers (people who do lots of scrapbooking). Compared to their cards, my cards look very simple, almost childish. But I don’t have the things that they have bought online or in other cities.

Well, it’s getting late and it’s time to sleep. I haven’t done much work on the Moominpappa, but I will work on him tomorrow as well.


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