C2C crochet and Christmas cards

Lots of Cs in that title. 😉

Well, I promised pictures of the Christmas cards I made on Friday and Saturday. I will try and post them tonight.

But first I am going to the knit and crochet café. It’s the last meeting this year. We’ll continue in January.

I have started crocheting Moominpappa, but I thought it would be a bit boring to crochet the white Moomins several times in a row. So I decided to take a break from the white troll.

Instead I am going to try C2C (corner to corner crochet). I have seen videos on YouTube, so I understand how to do it. It seems pretty easy. I will start making a pillowcase. I think I have a white pillow somewhere at home, so I will measure it. But it’s a standard pillow, so I think it is probably 40 cm x 40 cm. So it will be a square C2C.

I have one of those sock yarns that changes colors automatically. So I don’t need to change color myself.

I’ll show you the colors tonight if I post something. If not, I will post tomorrow.


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