Beading class # 5

At the beading class tonight I learned the basics of brick stitch. I just did about 12 rows of a piece with 8 and 9 beads/row.

Once I had to unpick the beads, because I made a mistake and other times I could not understand the images on the paper I got, so I had to wait for the teacher to come and show me.

Now I know the basics, so I will make a simple bracelet with three colors (black, red, pink). I will make it narrower than my practice piece, may be just 6 and 7 beads per row.

This was the last beading class for this year. The next class will not be until January 27. That’s a very long time to wait for the next class…

Oh, well, I have beads and materials and I can make stuff at home by watching YouTube etc.

But I have several things I’m working on (crocheting, knitting, cross stitching) and I still need to make some more Christmas cards.

I hope I’ll have some pictures to show during the weekend or on Monday. Now I am going to bed.


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