Knitted socks!


Well, how could I resist knitting socks with these lovely blue/white colors? My favorite color is blue! šŸ˜€ I didn’t make them identical, because the pattern was so irregular. I don’t know where the pattern repeats itself. So I just started where the first sock ended.

But now I am not going to knit any socks for a while. My next knitting project, which I started tonight, right after the socks were done, is this:


It’s going to be leg warmers for my niece Wilma. She will get them for Christmas. She loves wearing socks and leg warmers every night during these cold months, and she asked for a pair of leg warmers. Mum already knitted a pair and she has been using them a lot, but she wished for an other pair to change with.

It’s a little dark, with lots of purple, dark pink and dark blue. But I think she will like them. I’ll show you when they are done. But she wanted them to be 30 centimeters, so it means I am going to have to knit a total of 60 cm! Right now I might haveĀ around five centimeters.

Mum is knitting leg warmers for my sister, using the same colored yarn as my knitted mittens. So her leg warmers are going to be different shades of grey, white and a little red.



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