I love bookmarks. I love to make them and I love to collect them. I have a large collection of them, over a thousand. I don’t know exactly how many they are, but I am going to count them next week, may be tomorrow.

I am always looking for pictures that I can use to make the bookmarks. I find pictures in books, newspapers and magazines.

The other day I went to the library close to my home and they always have old books that they sell for 50 cents. They are books that are old, falling apart and books that people don’t want to borrow because the facts are so old etc.

I noticed a thin little book about tarot cards and tarot reading. Although I don’t understand that field at all, I did find these beautiful images of French tarot cards.

The pictures were on both sides of the book pages, so I had to make photo copies of them first. Then I just cut out the pictures and glued them to these paper strips that I have. The width of the paper strips is the width of the bookmarks, as I didn’t cut along those sides. The length of the paper strips are two bookmarks, because I folded the paper strips in two and cut along the crease. Then I trimmed the bottom edge by drawing with the help of a ruler and cutting a straight edge. I covered the bookmarks with book plastic.

You will notice (if you enlarge the images by clicking on them) that in one of the red bookmarks, there is a figure that appears to be hanging upside down. As I wrote, I don’t understand tarot cards and tarot readings, but I would be interested to know why the man is upside down. If you know, please let me know in a comment.

I have lots of pictures at home. So I will make many more bookmarks.




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