Gingerbread house


In the afternoon mum and I started making the gingerbread house. In the store they sell a box with the pieces. Then you put on candies with icing. The candies and icing are of course not sold in the box. Usually some piece is broken when you open the box, even if you are super careful with the box. This year it was the piece where the door is. It was cracked right down the middle of the door. So we had to glue that piece together with icing before starting to decorate.

I am not a cake decorator. It’s messy and difficult and it doesn’t look very well. But it’s a tradition. I do want it every year. The sugary candies on the short sides are there to give some support to the roof, so the roof can rest on the big marmalades.

This year we made it quite early in December, because we usually make it a few days before Christmas.

It is quicker to glue the pieces with melted sugar, but we tried that one year and no one wanted to eat the house after Christmas, because it tasted so bad.

When the icing had dried a few hours we put it together with more icing. This time the icing was quite thick, because if the icing is too runny, it will take a long time for the pieces to dry and stick together. Today the icing dried quite quickly and it was pretty easy to put it together. Some year the house has fallen apart if the icing has been to runny and we have let go too quickly. While the house is drying you have to press your fingers against the house and keep the pieces together.

Here is the house as it looks right now:

At Christmas we will put lots of snowmen and little Santas etc. around the house (candles and other decorations). But we will do that a few days before Christmas. Now it will stay where it is, like that.

You can see the four candles in the background. We have already today burned the three candles. The first candle is almost gone, but still a little left so we can burn all four candles next Sunday. My beaded Christmas bauble is also hanging there. I am not sure yet where to put the bauble. May be I will leave it there.


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