Today mum and I baked 140 gingerbreads! šŸ˜€ Yummy!

The dough has to be in the refrigerator over the night, so the dough was made yesterday.

We always bake gingerbreads a few days before Christmas. Now there is a lovely smell in the house.

It took may be an hour to punch out all the gingerbreads. The dough is very good! I love to eat the last piece of the dough when there is not enough to make anymore gingerbreads.

Every year we get around 120-140 gingerbreads. It depends on how many bigger ones we make and how thick the dough is. It’s difficult to get the correct thickness of the dough each time you roll it out. But if the dough is too thin, the gingerbreads will burn easily. Some of the gingerbreads are a little darker in the edges, but most of them are just fine!

This year I had bought two smaller forms, in the shape of a star and a tree. So smaller form, means more gingerbreads. That’s why we got 140 this year. We have a bell shaped form that is quite big. I only made a few of those.


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