New year, new projects

Happy New Year! 😀

It is now January 1, 2017. I spent the midnight knitting socks! 🙂 I spent quite a long time at my sister’s house this evening (from 6 pm to 11 pm). We got home at 11.30. I almost immediately started knitting. It’s a good method to stay awake. I am sure I would fall asleep almost at once if I put my head on the pillow.

My niece wished for some long socks that she can use when she skates. She will fold them over the skates, I think. I am sure she will use them other times as well. Today she was wearing a pair of purple knitted socks that I knitted a year ago! They are pretty worn out by now.

This is what I have knitted so far:


I have knitted socks for myself with this yarn, and the yarn in the picture was left over. I will knit as much as possible with this yarn, and then I will buy a new yarn from the store, with the same colors of course.

I am not sure if the store where I get the yarns is open tomorrow or not. Or I should say today, as it is past midnight. It’s almost 1 am.

Usually I knit 15 cm before starting on the heel. My niece want these to be 25 cm before the heel starts.

She is 11 years now and my feet are the same length as her feet! I am sure she will soon have longer feet than me. 🙂 We measured the foot, so I know how long they need to be. She wanted them a centimeter longer than her foot is now. That way she can wear them for a long time.

I am sure I will do lots of crafty things this year! 😀 I would like to learn how to knit better than I do now. I mean, I want to knit dolls, and may be something else. I will for sure knit leg warmers and I also want to make arm warmers that are longer than the ones I have know.

And then there is of course crocheting, cross stitching and all sorts of other crafts! 😀



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