Knit and crochet café night

The knit and crochet café started today after the Christmas break.

The Moomin trolls have been hibernating during the break. 😉 In the Moomin books the Moominfamily eat needles from fir trees or pine trees and then they sleep during the whole winter until spring comes; except for the book where Moomin wakes up too early…) I made the nose of the Moominpappa, but then nothing for weeks, because I was so busy with knitting socks and leg warmers etc.

Now I have the head of the Moominpappa and two arms. During the course I just started on the body, before it was time to go home.

When you crochet the head, you make a hole and that’s where you begin the body. You crochet around the hole. So you don’t have to attach the head to the body when the body is done, as in many other amigurumis.

Well, I have to go through my Italian book/notes tomorrow (because the Italian lessons start tomorrow afternoon). I won’t have time to do anything on Moominpappa tomorrow, but on Wednesday I will continue with him. 🙂




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