Moominpappa crochet

Meet Moominpappa, the latest addition to my crocheted Moomin characters! 😀

He is slightly taller than Moomin and Snorkmaiden (even without the hat).

The cane caused me some problems. I finished the troll and the hat last night, but when I started on the cane I just didn’t get the instructions. Or I should write, I did understand the instructions, but doing it was way too difficult. (You had to crochet with a metal wire and then knot the cane as the tail, with the wire and chain stitches inside). No, it didn’t work for me…

So, early this morning when I woke up I decided to make my own cane. I just crocheted a few rows and then stitched the long sides together, with a pipe cleaner inside. I was done in 5 minutes… 🙂

Next up is Moominmamma with an apron and a little handbag!


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