Sniff crochet

I finished Sniff today! 😀

He is described as easily scared, easily upset, selfish and greedy… He is one of Moomin’s friends. He is afraid of water, because he can’t swim.

It was pretty easy to crochet him, but the nose was tricky, because there was very little information in the book how to make the nose. It’s a black pony bead covered with brown embroidery floss. The strands making the whiskers had to be tied to the pony bead first and then with a needle I threaded them under the “skin”. So you had to make the nose after the hole for the body; when the head was half made.

The tail is a little different from the Moomins. With Sniff, it starts thin and then you add another strand one third in and two thirds in. And the Moomins have “fluffy” tail ends, but with Sniff you had to kind of go backwards, starting with the tip and then tie the tail on the inside of the body.

The position of the feet was tricky for me this time. I attached one leg and then I had to remove it again, because it didn’t fit with the other leg. It looked misplaced. The legs are probably not in a perfect place, but it looks okay. The whiskers I put glue on, so that they would become a little stiff and not hang down. Sniff has only short whiskers, three on each side of the nose.

He is taller than the Moomins.

Next I am going to make Little My, which is my favorite character. But I will start may be tonight or tomorrow morning. I am going to bake something now. 🙂


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