Hattifattener crochet

Well, I decided to make just one Hattifattener. 🙂 Here it is:


It’s small. The picture makes it look larger. It is a bit shorter than Little My. The Hattifattener has no mouth and no ears. It only has long thin body, a pair of eyes that change color according to its surroundings, and five fingers. It doesn’t sleep or eat.

Hattifatteners move in large herds. During thunderstorms they get charged with electricity and can be a bit dangerous. But apart from that Hattifatteners are harmless. Once a year, on Midsummer, lots and lots of Hattifatteners (hundreds of them) gather on their island for a meeting. (Don’t ask how that meeting is going, as they can not hear or speak…)

I don’t really remember, but I think I once read in one of the Moomin books that they grow from seeds planted in the earth on Midsummer. But I might be wrong.

You can’t really see the fingers, because they are crumbled up. But they have five short ones on each side.

Only one character remains to be crocheted. The Hemulen. Well, there are of course many other characters in the Moomin Valley, but I am only going to make one more. I will start on Hemulen in a few hours when I go to the knit and crochet café. 🙂



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