Snufkin crochet

Snufkin is done! 😀

He was quite easy to crochet. The only tricky part was making the flowers for the hat. I am not used to crocheting flowers. But when I figured out how to make one flower, it was pretty easy to make the rest of them. He has a total of eight flowers around the brim of the hat.

As with Little My, Snufkin has black beads on the back to look like buttons. Between his hands he has a harmonica (also known as French harp or mouth organ). It’s crocheted with silver thread.

The hair was actually attached to the hat… So I decided to glue the hat to the head, because it didn’t sit very well without glue. Now you can not remove it.

Lengthwise he is pretty much like Sniff.

In the books, Snufkin is a traveller. When Moomin family go into hibernation in winter, Snufkin wanders south. He returns to Moomin valley in the spring when the family wake up again.

Snufkin likes his own company. He likes to sit alone by a lake, play the harmonica, smoke his pipe, maybe catch a fish and grill it on a small fire. He sleeps in a tent and he owns very little. Just a backpack, a tent, a sleeping bag, a kettle to heat water in, the harmonica, his pipe and the clothes he is wearing. Probably a fishing rod and a knife too so he can catch some fish.

Sometimes he is seen with just a feather in the hat, other times he has flowers, like I made.

Now I am going to make a few hattifatteners. They are small and will probably be done in a few hours. I’ll show you when they are done. Tonight at the knit and crochet café I will work on Hemulen, which is the final Moomin character that I am going to make!


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