Hemulen crochet

Hemulen is done! 😀

His body is bent forward a little. Hemulen is often seen with a magnifying glass. He first collected stamps and when he had collected “all the stamps in the world” he started collecting plants.

Here is a quote about Hemulens from moomin.com:

“The Hemulens that live in Moominvalley are great believers in order. They like to boss other people about and expect all rules to be obeyed to the letter. The Hemulens are, however, bad at listening to other people’s opinions and completely lack a sense of humour.

Collecting has become an important hobby for many Hemulens and they don’t have time to think about much else. Once they start collecting stamps or plants, they go to great lengths to acquire the full set. And once their collections are complete, they quickly search for something new to collect.

Hemulens can be rather frightening when annoyed and even though they mean well, their stubbornness can cause a lot of trouble. Yet in spite of these general traits, they still have their own personalities. The Constable that Stinky harasses is pleasant to everyone, while the botanist is completely obsessed with collecting. They are only slightly larger than Moomins.”

The Hemulen was quite easy to crochet. The only tricky part was the hair and the collar (just under the head). I was a bit worried that I might not have enough purple for the large dress, but I did have it. The yarn is not sold anymore in shops.

So that’s it. No more Moomin crochet for me. 🙂 As I have previously written, the book I used is called “Mukavat Muumiamigurumit” (it’s Finnish) by Laura von Knorring. The book has instructions for Stinky (a “bad guy”) too and the Snork (Snorkmaiden’s brother).  But I am not going to make those. Stinky has a furry body and I don’t have any furry black yarn. The Snork I have never really cared about. He is kind of a minor character. He is crocheted in the same pattern as Moominpappa and Moominmamma. You just add a few strands of white hair on the forehead and embroider a pair of red squared glasses around the eyes.

Here is a group picture of them all together!


They will stand on my bookshelf. 😀


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