Baking tonight

It’s a bit scary when you bake something for the first time. Because you don’t really know what it’s supposed to look like or how long to have it in the oven.

I saw an ad or something on Facebook (no, I think it was more like a link to some other site…) Anyway, it asked if you remembered a cake from the past. I did remember the cake, and true, I had not eaten it for years!

We did have the recipe in an old recipe book, so I decided to bring this old cake back from the past… đŸ˜‰ It was the first time I baked it, because mum had always baked it in the past. She remembered how to make it, so I asked her if the topping looked right.

Well, it turned out fine in the end. It’s a white sponge baked in a round form and on top of it you put a topping with lots of crunched almonds (and other ingredients of course).

I don’t have any picture of the cake, but if someone begs me for it (or the recipe), I might post a picture of it later.

I will bake it again, but it will not be something I bake regularly. I do like baking, but usually I just bake the same old cakes or muffins. I don’t feel comfortable trying new recipes.

I have, by the way, been struggling with finding some new creative things to do, after finishing the Moomin characters. I will go through some crochet books and papers I have printed. But I will do that tomorrow. It’s late and I am tired.

I might not even crochet next. May be I will cross stitch. And I should finish the beadwork I started on during the beading class. I’ll have a look at that tomorrow.



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