Crocheting and cross stitching

Tonight I went to the knit and crochet café. I was in a bit of a hurry, because I really didn’t know what to make… 😦 I searched through some books and on Pinterest, but I didn’t find anything that I could start crocheting tonight. Eventually (5 minutes before I had to leave the house) I found instructions for a zebra in a book. I decided to make it all white (except for purple hooves) and then I will make the tail and the mane in rainbow colors. I will also add a horn to make it a unicorn. 😀 I have seen pictures on Pinterest of rainbow unicorns, but I haven’t come across any good, free instruction. At the class tonight, I made the head and the body and I started on one leg. It’s just a small unicorn. I quickly grabbed some white and purple yarn to bring with me. The rest of the colors I will have to look for another day. I forgot to bring a needle, but I borrowed one from the teacher.

The other thing I have going on is a cross stitch picture that I will hang on the wall when it’s done. It’s from the CrossStitcher magazine, February 2017 issue (I think). It says: “I’m working on my PHD in cross stitching (projects half done)”. 🙂

I think it’s a nice picture (with scissors, needles, threads etc.), and I hope it will inspire me to work on my PHDs, half done projects. It doesn’t have to be cross stitch projects. It can be anything that is half done. Some people talk about UFOs, UnFinished Objects.

I started cross stitching the picture during last night (after midnight) when I watched a TV show. (I had been sleeping a few hours before that and had the alarm clock to ring at midnight.)

I haven’t done anything more about the beadwork, but I should probably do something before Friday when the next beading class is.


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