Crochet project

Not my best crocheted work… For the knit and crochet café I slaughtered mum’s old blouse (she didn’t want it anymore), and made some yarn with it.

Last night I crocheted the thing to the right. That was really hard! I used a hook that was 10 mm, the largest hook I have.

Last week the teacher showed us how to cut clothes into a long, long strip. I am not sure if you can call it yarn, but I’ll do it just because it’s easier for me that way.

It was difficult to cut the fabric, four layers at a time, and the width of the strips might have been a little narrower. I probably should have used a proper pair of sharp scissors. I tried a couple of scissors, but I didn’t really have any fabric scissors.

At one point, when I crocheted last night, the strip broke! It was too narrow. The teacher attached it to the yarn again and I could continue crocheting.

Am I going to try this again? Don’t think so… I might try the fabric yarns that are sold in stores. They are cut evenly and are probably narrower, so they are easier to work with.

But at least there was a blouse that I could use to something else. Only part of the blouse was thrown in the garbage. 😀


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