Cross stitch picture


I have now finished my cross stitch picture and framed it! 😀

It’s from the February 2017 issue of CrossStitcher magazine, in case you want to make it too. I used threads and fabric that I had at home, so the colors may not exactly match the ones in the magazine.

In the magazine the blue border was actually half-done at the bottom. I guess that was part of the joke that this is about. But I just could not leave it half-done! So I decided to finish the border.

I had some problems to frame it today. I ironed it and put it in the frame, but then I had to remove it and iron it again. I think it is still a bit crooked and uneven, but I’ll let it be this way now.

It’s a dark brown frame with some gold. I am not going to hang it on the wall, because the frame has a piece of cardboard so it can stand on a table. I will keep it on the drawers where my TV is.

Reflections in the glass is making the color changes in the fabric.

It was fun and easy to cross stitch this. No backstitches at all, only cross stitches. 🙂


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