Knitted socks of leftover yarn

Tonight I finished knitting these socks with leftover yarn. 🙂 I was a little unsure of whether I had enough yarn, especially the pink yarn. But I did. As you can see, not much remains of the yarn. I have more of the purple yarn.

I have socks that I have knitted with the pink yarn. I think I knitted socks for my niece Wilma with the purple yarn.

When I wear the socks, you can’t really see the pink part, because the pants are covering the pink part, so it looks like I have just purple socks. 🙂

It’s the first time I have used two different yarns. At first I thought they looked kind of weird, but now I have gotten used to them. I will wear them as many times as the other socks that I have knitted.

Both yarns are called Polka and made by Novita. That’s why the stripes are similar, although you can’t see the pink pattern as good, because of how it was knitted.

I don’t know if I will knit socks with leftover yarns again. May be sometime in the future. But not for a while. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Knitted socks of leftover yarn

    • I do have a lot of left over yarns from all my socks! 🙂 May be I will go through them some day and see what color combos I could come up with. It is a good way to use leftover yarns! 🙂 Usually the yarns I use for socks don’t look good if you make an amigurumi or something. For those single colors are better.

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