Crocheted bear with polo sweater


Here is a crocheted bear with polo sweater. 🙂 I started working on it last week at the stitch and crochet café. That time I made the head and the body. Then I didn’t do anything about it for a week. Today at home I made one arm. The rest of the things I made tonight at the class.

I used a phone app called Amigurumi Today. It meant I had to read the instructions on the phone. I think it is about 10-15 cm high, so it’s pretty small.

I left the bear at the school. It and other things I’ve made (the blanket, Moomins etc.) are going to be part of an exhibition, to show others what have been made at the knit and crochet café during the year. Other members of the class will also bring some of their works to the exhibition. I don’t know how long my things will be at the school, may be some weeks.

The collar is loosely around the body. The short sides are just stitched together at the back.

I managed to find my bag of googly eyes! 🙂 It was missing for weeks, but I found it yesterday.




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