Pocketbook slippers


I finished these pocketbook slippers tonight (the slipper to the left). I attend a class where we met three hours tonight and tomorrow from 10 am to 4 pm.

They are easy to knit and these are my second pair. The first pair looks like this:


The first pair I finished awhile ago. I have used them a lot, so they have stretched out.

The straight part of the slipper was knitted as 1+1 (knit, purl, knit, purl…) The second pair I made 2+2 (k, k, p, p…)

This is how they look on the foot:


In the past weeks I have cross stitched several Christmas cards. But I will show them all at the same time.

Last Sunday (November 18) I was very sad as I lost my cat in a tragic accident. In a state of panic the cat bit my thumb. She didn’t do it to mean harm. It is one of the hardest desicions, having to say yes, when the vet asks if you agree to let the cat pass over to the ’other side’. I am sure all pet owners who have made the decision will agree. But it was the right decision as the cat would not have survived anyway.

Because of the thumb I was not able to knit, crochet or cross stitch until today. I tried knitting earlier today, and it was okay, as long as I didn’t press the knitting needle on the bite mark, which is healing now. I didn’t feel much during the three hours I knitted tonight. But I have not yet tried cross stitching or crocheting. I will try it tomorrow morning before going back to class.

Losing a pet really hurts and I cried a lot. We now have a new cat, which is the little sister to my deceased cat. They have the same mother. We call the new kitten Luna (which of course means ’moon’). She is four months and will be five months on Monday next week. Here she is:


She likes cuddles and purrs. 🙂 I love her very much! I love all my angel cats to the moon and back. Here are the two most recent angel cats on my bedroom wall.


Below the cat that passed on Sunday.

This post turned from knitting to cats. But I wanted to let you know about the sadness I have experienced and let you see the new family member.

Tomorrow at the class I will knit more, and hopefully I will be able to cross stitch as well.


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