Knitted socks – again!

So I have been knitting quite a lot in the past few days! 😀 Tonight I finished these. They are made with a Swedish yarn called Raggi. Mum bought the yarn in Sweden. It is a little thicker than the yarn I usually use, so I had to decrease while I made the foot part. They look a bit odd, but they are quite nice to wear. May be a little to lose at the heel. But it’s okay.

My niece’s socks and the crocheted blanket has suffered a little. But I wanted to get these socks done first. Now I’ll focus on the other socks. I hope they’ll be done on the weekend. I should crochet on the blanket too, but there is no hurry with the blanket.

Tomorrow is Friday! We’ll see what I’ll do when I come home from work. Cross stitch, for sure, and maybe the other sock.


2nd cross stitch diary, day 18


I finally finished all the red on the Santa late last night! Already this morning I have cross stitched the hands and started on the face. After that I just need the beard before I can back stitch the table and the Santa. But I can’t do too much today. I’ve got so many other things to do.

As a bonus, here is a cat toy that I made on Sunday:


At the flea market I found 1 € shoe laces in bright colors. I got a pair of pink and green ones. The bell I already had at home, since I made the cube in a previous post. The cat likes to play with her new toy. 🙂 You can see her play on my instagram (erkasanna).

2nd cross stitch diary, day 17


Yesterday I finished the Santa hat. I have not yet cross stitched anything today, but will in a little while.

I have now started working (8 months) in a library close by. So I don’t havd much time anymore to cross stotch or do other crafty things. But I still hope I will finish this before Christmas.

I did start a new blog, which is about Miss Nelson, my cat! You can check it out here:

Already have lots of cute pictures! 😀

Well, time to cross stitch. I hope I can finish the Santa clothes today. 🙂


2nd cross stitch diary, day 15


Very little progress. Just some dark red and light red. I haven’t cross stitched anything today, b but I might do a few more stitches while watching TV.

On a side note, I have today deleted my main blog. It no longer exist. I just didn’t post anything there. Only once a month or something. So I decided to let it go. Maybe in the future I start a new blog, but for now, this creative blog is the only one I have.

2nd cross stitch diary, day 14


Today I made more stitches on the table, a red candle, the green stool and the shoes, as well as a little dark red.

May be you can already guess who is wearing big black shoes and red pants… 😉 If not, you’ll see in a day or two!

Looking at the pattern, I realized today that the grey is not the floor. It’s a kind of shadow and you will understand what I mean later.