Christmas bookmarks and a little owl


Late last night I finished the snowman from Vervaco. They were easy to cross stitch. I know it’s barely autumn, but as soon as I got them I wanted to stitch them. I stitched the Santa first.


This morning I finished crocheting a little owl! It’s about 7 or 8 cm, a few inches. I haven’t measured it, but that’s what it says on the box. This owl I have crocheted during the last two lessons of the knit and crochet class that I take on Monday evenings. I almost finished it at class yesterday. So I just made the beak and the ’eye fluff’ today and a little more stitches on the wings. A few more pics.

The box contains almost everything you need (not needles or scissors). I have finished a fox and a sloth in the same series. And I have a dragon and an elephant in the series to do later.

Well, I guess I will try to finish another unfinished project next. 🙂


Feather bookmarks


I did not realize it was so long since I last posted! Oops! But now I’m back!

Crafting was really slow during summer and there were times when I did not craft at all for weeks! Only recently have I started cross stitching and crocheting again.

The feather bookmarks from Vervaco were done a while ago, but I didn’t post them before. I forgot the password too, so I had to reset it today!

I did make some Harry Potter bookmarks too. But since I am not able to find one of them, and I am in a bit of hurry, I’ll look for the missing bookmark later.

I have started crocheting a winter scarf. I think I’m about 40 % done.

In September the knit and crochet café will start again on Mondays. And later in the year I will take a class in needle felting (if there is enough who signs up for the class).

So things are starting to get back to normal after a hiatus during summer. Check back here soon or follow me so you won’t miss new posts!

Cross stitched orchids


Just a quick post to show these small orchid pictures that I cross stitched in just a few days. They are from the company Svarta fåret, the black sheep.

Same size as many of the other little pictures I have shown here. They are already on the wall. I have had the birds in handle cups (mugs) for quite some time now, but now I have the orchids.

I made the pink first, then the purple and last the yellow. I like the flower pots too that are light grey with a bit of black.

I think I will cross stitch some bookmarks next, but I haven’t decided which ones yet.

Wild animal bookmarks and more


I finally finished these bookmarks! I struggled with the little cat below the rhino. So many different colors. Three stitches here, two there and lots of cutting the yarn and moving to a new location and changing color and looking closely at the chart. There is actually two stitches that went wrong! They should be swapped! But I am not going to say where the mistake was made, because it doesn’t affect the result. 😉 I prefer stitching larger areas of the same color, as in the background. I don’t know if it is a leopard or a cheetah or some other large cat in Africa, but I think he is cute! My favorite is the lion, though. They are Vervaco bookmarks.

Here is a card I made for my niece’s baptizing, June 1st. 🙂 I forgot to take a picture of it, but I had mum send me pictures a few days later when she visited the family. I am the niece’s god mother, by the way. Her name is Ellen. She is so cute, around two and a half  months now. It seems the dark purple on the front page is not glued properly. I have never managed to find a glue stick that is good. They always make the paper wrinkly and unstick the pieces after a while. But I hope the mother will keep the cards safe somewhere. And after all, it is the thought that counts.


Also, my aunt asked for three wasp nests for my cousin. I made all three nests on Saturday and then I made the wasps on Sunday. The nests are filled with shredded paper from a news paper.

Next I will probably cross stitch some small pictures. I do have several bookmark kits waiting, but I want to do something else before starting the next bookmarks.


Owl bookmarks and Red Ted crafts


I finished these bookmarks a few days ago. First the one to the left, then the one to the right. From the company Permin. They are a bit larger than most of the other bookmarks. 112 x 30 squares vs 102 x 27 squares.

Tonight I made some Red Ted Art crafts. 🙂


The little teddy bear is the new mascot for Red Ted Art (Maggie has a blog, Youtube channel, a book etc). So I made a corner bookmark and a regular bookmark and a bear bookmark with tassel.

Red Ted Art

I will link to her Youtube channel where there are instructions for the two bookmarks. You can click on the video for the tassel bookmark, and there you will find a link to her blog with free printable templates (three bears and three logos per paper).

She made the tassel with yarn, I made it with embroidery thread. On the other side of the tassel bookmark is the Red Ted Art logo that I cut out (as I wrote, there are three bears and three logos on each paper you print out; I just wanted to make one tassel bookmark, so the two others were extra) and made it into a simple bookmark. I punched out some circles with the scrap pieces of paper used for the corner bookmark. She often punch out little circles for rosy cheeks etc.) After I took the photo I covered the red bookmark with book plastic. The corner bookmarks I don’t cover with book plastic and I store them in an other box (not the same boxes as my regular bookmarks).

I do want to make more Red Ted Art bookmarks. I just have a few. I will try to make some more in the coming days/weeks. But they never turn out as good as the ones in the videos. 🙂 That’s okay, though. You still see what it is supposed to look like. She has many years of experience.

Socks and cross stitched pictures



I have not been posting for awhile, but I will try to be more active! Here are three small cross stitched pictures that I have made recently. They are from the company Svarta Fåret (the black sheep).

I first finished the swan, then the cows. Yesterday the sheep was finished. I really like them.

Because they are horizontal rather than vertical, I could not put them on the wall where I have the other small cross stitch pictures. So I had to put them somewhere else on the wall. I still have the bird pictures up, but will replace them with a summer theme later.

And here are the latest socks, finished a while ago (April 16th).

These are the socks that was a U.F.O. for quite a long time, because I didn’t like the irregular pattern. I didn’t even bother trying to get the other pair the same.

They are not my favorites, but I have used them of course. Novita yarn, as most of my knitted socks.

Now I will cross stitch bookmarks and yes, another pair of socks! I have almost finished one sock. I will finish it today and start on the other one. I’d also like to knit something else, but we’ll see. 🙂

Wasp nests

I made some wasp nests (crocheted), three for my sister and one for my sister-in-law. My sister asked for the three and mum thought I could make one for my brother’s house too.

Wasp nests are supposed to scare off wasps, thouse nasty insects that sting. Last summer there were lots of them. The idea is to put them where nests have been found and when the wasps come, they should see these and think, ”Oh, that space is occupied, let’s go somewhere else!”

I am sceptical, but we’ll see if it works. I struggled making the wasps (four per nest) and they look kind of ugly, to be honest, but seen from a distance they can look like wasps, without wings.

I made two on Sunday evening, almost two yesterday. Today I finished the fourth and made all the wasps. They are filled with shredded newspaper. It was just something I read on the internet.

Going to my brother’s house today (it was his birthday yesterday). I’m bringing with me one wasp nest and the octopus that was washed this morning. It’s not dry yet, but just a little moist.