2nd cross stitch diary, day 63


So annoying! I had to unpick again! The height of the bricks seemed to be the same for all three layers. I counted seven squares in height and automatically made the top bricks the same height. But when I started making one of the squares on the right edge, the rows didn’t match. I then counted that the top bricks are only six squares high!

I had to unpick the grey and the top dark brown row and a little of the lighter brown. But now they are the correct sizes. The right edge is uneven, probably to show that the stove continues to the right.

It is a stove. That I can reveal now. I will now continue with what is on top of the stove and hopefully some wall as well.


2nd cross stitch diary, day 57


This is where I’m now in my cross stitching. Yesterday I did nothing at all, because I went on a day cruise to Sweden. A total of nine hours at sea, about three hours in the Swedish town Umeå. I left home before 8 am and came home close to midnight.

I knitted some on the sock while I was on the ship. The waves were pretty high, so I almost felt sea sickness. I didn’t want to do much on the ship.

Today I’m going to cross stitch as much as possible. Hopefully the curtain and the thing above the curtain will be done by tonight. But we’ll see.