Diamond painting and knitted socks

First, my green white socks. 🙂 I started knitting on Friday. And I finished the second sock yesterday at the knit- and crochet café. The yarn is called Novita Mökki. Mökki is Finnish for a little house, cottage. Usually summer cottage.

The reason I finished so quickly was partly because I went to a class where we could knit, crochet, sew or embroider for several hours on Friday (6 pm to 9 pm) and Saturday (10 am to 4 pm). We had a lunch break too, around 30 minutes on Saturday. I think I was the only knitter at the class. Some did patchwork, some made aprons or clothing for themselves or their babies.

I finished the first sock quite early on Saturday at 10.30. The rest of the time I cross stitched a Christmas card. It is done now (I finished it on Sunday). But I am going to show it later when I have cross stitched other Christmas cards.

Anyway, today I got a package with some cross stitch kits. 😀 I also ordered two small Diamond Paintings, because I had not tried it before. So I wanted to see what it was like.

I loved it! 😀 First I made the flower mandala and then the peace sign. I will definitely do this again later! These are quite small and good for beginners. The kit came with everything you needed. I still don’t know what to do with them, may be I’ll frame them if I can find small frames. The pictures does not show how much they glitters.


So much yarn, so little time


My latest cross stitching framed and ready! I finished the back stitching today and also bought the frame today. It was not included in the kit. I finished it in just a few weeks, I think. Not sure exactly when I started, though.

Here is the picture that came with the kit:


Not sure what company made the kit, but may be you’ll get information from the picture.

Some things I did not like with this kit:

1) Compare the two pictures. In the second you can clearly see a difference between the shades of grey. But in reality the shades were very similar, so you can’t see the stripes of the cat as well as you can in the second picture.

2) There was way too little black thread in the kit! I ran out of black thread after I had cross stitched the eyes and back stitched the text. All the other back stitches are with black thread I found at home.

3) This was the first time I had to enlarge the pattern. For some reason the pattern was small and difficult to read.

4) As you can see from the picture below, you can’t read the text boxes about the different stitches. I don’t need to know how to make the different stitches, but a beginner might do.


But, I still like it overall. I have to hang it on the wall. I have that saying about cat hair too that needs a space on my wall. I will try to decide where to put them.

Freehand crochet doll


This is my crocheted doll that I finished today. Let me tell you how she turned out like this. 🙂


In May I crocheted this, during an extra knit and crochet café that they had at the end of the spring season. Then it was in a plastic bag, until Monday! (September 10)

On Monday I decided to take it to the class. I struggled to think of how to dress it. I mean, really. I had no idea or inspiration. So I thought, if I bring it to the class, I will have to do something about it. I just can’t sit and not do anything during the evening. I first made the shoes and then the dress.


Today (Wednesday), I decided to finish it. Because I thought there was too much ’skin’ between the neck and the dress, I crocheted a strip and attached it to cover her a bit more.

The hair was next. I am not good at attaching hair. I know there are different ways, but I should may be watch on YouTube something. I glued the hair on this doll, strands of yarn horizontically and vertically.


I wanted to make a little fringe on the forehead, so I cut the yarn short there.

I thought something was missing, so I added a little flower and a green band around the hair, to make a ponytail. I cut the strands somewhat evenly.


I have only crocheted a few flowers and I am still not good at it. But I guess you can see a flower shape. The yellow part is a little too big. The green band can act as long leaves.

Finally it was time for the face. I thought about googly eyes, but ended up putting black half beads (that are flat on the other side). I tried a red mouth and different styles, but I have difficulties crocheting mouths.

I did spend quite a lot of time on the doll, so I should be happy with the result. But it is not my favorite. I like the ponytail with the flower better than the face. But, as they say; practice makes perfect! So I just have to keep practicing to get better. 🙂

Small autumn pictures


Three small autumn pictures for my wall. I have now removed my summer themed pictures and put these there instead. It is much more autumn now than summer. The summer pictures have to wait for next summer.

It is from Svarta fåret, the Black sheep company/brand, same as the others.

Here are the summer pictures again:

They belong to the same series, it seems. Several similarities in style. I don’t know what to put up for winter, may be some little santas. We’ll see.

It’s past midnight, but I wanted the pictures finished tonight. I cross stitched and back stitched a lot of the picture with the house and cat today. I started with the green bench a few days ago. The mushroom one is my favourite of the three.

Christmas cross stitch picture


I finally finished the Christmas picture I have been working on for several weeks. 😀

The white dots missing are falling snow. On the white areas the snow flakes are light blue. There were a lot of different blue and blue/grey shades in this.

Last year I finished the Christmas stitching on boxing day, I think. Now in the beginning of September. 🙂 I look forward to cross stitching something else now. I’ve already begun on something. I’ll show you later. It is much smaller than this cross stitching.

A little fox


A long time ago the bookstore had this box with almost everything you need to crochet a little fox. All you needed to add yourself was scissors and a needle to sew the parts together.

Tonight was the first knit- and crochet café of the season. I had already made the head and the ears at home. But at the class I made the body, tail, two arms and two legs. I also had just enough time to sew the pieces together and sew the black nose.

This is the finished guy!


I think he is a little cutie! 😀 Big head and small body. About 7 cm tall when sitting. 7-8 cm from the tip of the foot to the tip of the tail.

At the bookstore they also had kits to make a sloth and a dragon. So I will begin on the dragon later this week. Unfortunately the sloth has gone missing… But I know I have him somewhere in my room, so I will look for him.

Cross stitch picture


Home is where the cat hair sticks to everything but the cat! This picture took weeks to be delivered from the online company, but I finally got it on Friday. I wanted to start cross stitching immediately. Now it is finished, after just a couple of days. 😀

Not sure where to put it, but for sure somewhere in my bedroom.

It looks more wrinkly than it is. Maybe the back is shining through. I don’t know.


These tiny flip flop earrings were a free gift with a recent Cross Stitcher magazine. It only took me a little over an hour to finish the other night. Plastic canvas. There were three designs to choose from. Don’t think I will ever use them, but they are quite cute. May be I’ll try to sell them on the flea market next time I sell there.

Just a small amount of cross stitches on the Christmas picture remains, and the back stitches. Will work on it later tonight.