2nd cross stitch diary, day 56


Finished the blue sky and stars. Added the light red on the edge of the curtain.

Tomorrow I will add green hearts and start cross stitching the red on the curtain. Now I’m very tired so I want to go to bed early.


2nd cross stitch diary, day 54


I did what I wrote in the previous post. I divided the window into sections, added irregular wall stitches on the edges. And I started on the dark blue sky.

I knitted a little on the second sock, but I still have a few centimeters before the heel starts.

Tomorrow is Finland’s 100th birthday 😃, so we have a day off work, even if it’s Wednesday. I’ll try to get as much cross stitching as possible then. My goal would be to finish all the blue and the few start, but that might be a little difficult. We’ll see what I can accomplish tomorrow. 🙂

2nd cross stitch diary, day 53


The kid is done, but nothing else. 😦 I just got home from work and will spend the rest of the evening cross stitching.

I have finished one sock for my niece’s Christmas gift. I have knitted 9 cm of the other sock. I made the same old heel that I always make. I will try a new heel, but next year, when I don’t have a deadline to follow.


A few hours of cross stitching in the evening. This is what I did:


Four candles in a red candle holder and a brown rectangle without the top. It will be a window, pretty much the same as the one to the left of the tree, only much larger. Same curtain, but with more hearts of course.

Tomorrow I hope I will divide the window into 10 sections (the smaller window had only four) and maybe stitch some of the irregular shapes of wall outside the rectangle. We’ll see how much I can do.

But I’m pretty happy with the cross stitching tonight. 🙂