2nd cross stitch diary, day 13


I tried to upload a post much earlier today, but was unable to. Nevertheless, I took a photo of the cross stitching before I started stotching today, so here is yesterday’s picture.

I think you can see a table starting to appear. Today I’ve cross stitched quite a lot and I’ll try to show you later tonight.


Dragonfly keychain

Ok, I have now made a second dragonfly keychain, or something to hook on a bag, a zipper or somewhere else.

It’s from a craft store called Sinooperi (I think they are only in Finland, but their website is sinooperi.fi if you want to take a look). They have paper bags with materials to make 10 of these dragonflies! I have one on my winter coat and the one I made now I’ll put on a back pack.

I decided to make a little tutorial with pictures, in case you have similar materials and want to try it too. 🙂

Materials needed:


Metal wire (20 cm), one large and six small wooden beads (15 and 8 mm), a keychain fastener (I don’t know what those things are called…), reflective fabric (3 cm width). You can probably draw something similar. Two larger, two smaller pieces for the wings. The wings are 8,5 and 6,6 mm in length. Draw tiny lines in the middle, fold the wing in half and make tiny cuts with the scossors where the lines are. Just a millimeter or two.


Fold the metal wire in half and slide the keychain holder down the middle. Add the large bead (both ends of the wire through the bead).

At this point the cat wanted to help me! 🙂 But I told her I didn’t need any help! So ignore the cat and put the two larger wings together, wrong side together. Thread the wire through the tiny holes you cut. Look at pictures two and three above. They are photographed from each side of the wings. Push the wings up to the large bead. Do the same with the smaller wings.

Add the six small beads. Go back through the fifth small bead you added (pictures two and three). Use a similar tool as I to pull the wires through the fifth bead. Try to pull tight.

Then just wrap the wires around the wires between the fourth and fifth bead. Cut off the wires and try to hide the ends between the beads, using tweezers or other tool.

Above are my two dragonflies. 🙂 As I wrote, the wings are reflective material. So when you’re out in the dark, the wings will be shiny when you shine on them with a flashlight or other light. But do use other reflective things too! I have a neon yellow vest with reflective fabric.

2nd cross stitch diary, day 8


I have been working today and didn’t have time to upload until now. So I have started back stitching the baby with the wrapped gift. 🙂 I also stitched a little of the floor.

Now I will continue with the backstitches and may be start cross stitching what is to the right of the present. But I might want to do something else tonight, so I may only cross stitch an hour or two.