My first knitted bird!


Tonight I tried to make a knitted bird. It is from a book by Arne and Carlos. Google them if you don’t know who the two Norwegians are!

It was the first time I tried to knit like a toy or something. And I only had the book in Finnish. (Not my mother tongue…)

Some beginners’ mistakes, I am sure. But it was fun to make! The beak looks a bit weird. Maybe I had too thick yarn. A few holes I had to sew afterwards.

I started around 6 pm and finished at 10 pm, taking breaks every now and then.


Another angle of the bird. The yarn is a sock yarn from Novita, changing colors automatically. Here’s the yarn:


My next step would be to make a single colored bird and try to embroider a pattern with V-stitches. There are some birds like that in the book. I think the English version is called ”A field guide to knitted birds” or something like that.

The Norwegians use small seed beads for eyes and many birds are decorated with sequins and feathers at the back. A crocheted strand can be added to the head if it is going to be hanged up in a tree. Feet (optional) are made of thick metal wire. But I don’t have that.

It’s late, so I need to sleep now.


Keyring strap


This was a free kit with Cross Stitcher magazine 330 (May 2018). I made it tonight.

I did not quite understand how to attach the strip of soft leather like material to the key ring. So I improvised a little. I also added a little bit of glue, but there was no mention of glue in the magazine.

I might attach it to a bag when travelling.

I’m watching an ice hockey game on TV now. I might continue cross stitching the bookmark while I watch the end of the game.

Flower bookmark


Here is a flower bookmark (Vervaco) that I finished a few days ago. I decided to post it now, because I make very slow progress on the matching bookmark. And I am no where near finishing the other project I am working on. I have to go to work now. I will continue crafting tonight.


Easter colored socks

Finished these Easter colored socks today! 🙂 Not much remained of the yarn, because I had to cut quite a lot before I could start on the second sock. The yarn company Novita sells this around Easter, just like they do with other yarns around Christmas.

Well, time to sleep. I don’t really have anything crafty now (I guess there are always ufo’s to be found around the bedroom). I’ll see what I decide to do next.

Easter cards

It’s midnight but I thought I’d write this now. I can’t sleep. I have a bad cold and a horrible cough.

These are three Easter cards. I started with the one to the right, then the one in the middle. Tonight I finished the one to the left. These are from a company called Svarta Fåret (which is Swedish for The Black Sheep).

The cross stitch kit had all you needed for these cards, including white cards and white envelopes.

I didn’t glue or tape the pictures to the cards yet. I just put them loosely inside. I need to cut them a little. Maybe I need to iron too.

My favorite is the one in the middle, with the hammock. But they are all cute in their own way.

I’ll work on some knitting tomorrow (well, actually today, as it is past midnight…)

Just had a terrible cough attack. I could hardly catch my breath. I’m drinking lots of water and have cough medicine too. Will try to get a little sleep now. Probably by sitting in bed. Can’t lay down.

Amineko for my cat


This is an Amineko cat that I finished tonight! 😀 The pattern is found in a book by Nekoyama, called ”Hello, my name is Amineko: The story of a Crafty Crochet Cat”. This is what the book looks like:


Years ago I crocheted an Amineko. When I got my cat, Miss Nelson (or just Nelson), I gave it to her. She is now 10 months and the crocheted cat looks really old and beaten up. It has lost its eyes and mouth. At the time, I filled the Amineko with raw rice, because it said so in the book. I don’t know how many times we have found rice on the floor. This time I filled with cotton only (but not all parts are filled).

I am sure Nelson will like her new friend even more in the future. She must get used to it now. She has already played a little with the new toy. Here are a few more pictures of the crocheted cat, including the old one, which was brown.


Sitting on my sofa.


On my mat, with Nelson’s paw. 😃


The new and the old. Same yarn, only different colors.

In the future I want to make an Amineko for me, in another yarn. But now I will continue cross stitching what I started before making this cat toy. 🙂