Crocheted sloth


I had this set, which is the same series as the fox. This sloth was missing for a while, but I found it and today I crocheted most of it. I made the eye patches and the white in the face a few days ago, and the rest today.

So, here is my sloth!


The arms and legs are long! On each arm/leg he has two little claws. Obviously it can not hang from its arms and legs. For that I would need to add velcro or something. I don’t even think metal wires inside would help.

I still have two figures in the series; a dragon and an elephant.


Freehand crochet doll


This is my crocheted doll that I finished today. Let me tell you how she turned out like this. 🙂


In May I crocheted this, during an extra knit and crochet café that they had at the end of the spring season. Then it was in a plastic bag, until Monday! (September 10)

On Monday I decided to take it to the class. I struggled to think of how to dress it. I mean, really. I had no idea or inspiration. So I thought, if I bring it to the class, I will have to do something about it. I just can’t sit and not do anything during the evening. I first made the shoes and then the dress.


Today (Wednesday), I decided to finish it. Because I thought there was too much ’skin’ between the neck and the dress, I crocheted a strip and attached it to cover her a bit more.

The hair was next. I am not good at attaching hair. I know there are different ways, but I should may be watch on YouTube something. I glued the hair on this doll, strands of yarn horizontically and vertically.


I wanted to make a little fringe on the forehead, so I cut the yarn short there.

I thought something was missing, so I added a little flower and a green band around the hair, to make a ponytail. I cut the strands somewhat evenly.


I have only crocheted a few flowers and I am still not good at it. But I guess you can see a flower shape. The yellow part is a little too big. The green band can act as long leaves.

Finally it was time for the face. I thought about googly eyes, but ended up putting black half beads (that are flat on the other side). I tried a red mouth and different styles, but I have difficulties crocheting mouths.

I did spend quite a lot of time on the doll, so I should be happy with the result. But it is not my favorite. I like the ponytail with the flower better than the face. But, as they say; practice makes perfect! So I just have to keep practicing to get better. 🙂

A little fox


A long time ago the bookstore had this box with almost everything you need to crochet a little fox. All you needed to add yourself was scissors and a needle to sew the parts together.

Tonight was the first knit- and crochet café of the season. I had already made the head and the ears at home. But at the class I made the body, tail, two arms and two legs. I also had just enough time to sew the pieces together and sew the black nose.

This is the finished guy!


I think he is a little cutie! 😀 Big head and small body. About 7 cm tall when sitting. 7-8 cm from the tip of the foot to the tip of the tail.

At the bookstore they also had kits to make a sloth and a dragon. So I will begin on the dragon later this week. Unfortunately the sloth has gone missing… But I know I have him somewhere in my room, so I will look for him.

Finished a U.F.O. (crochet)


In the apartment we have constantly +29 or +30 degrees (Celsius). It’s no fun at all. I have less energy to do some crafts. But I am doing good progress on the Santa picture. I’ll post a picture when I’m done in a few weeks.

The butterfly girl was a U.F.O. for a long time, may be years. I have no idea when I started crocheting it, may be a year or two ago. I found it recently in a plastic bag with some yarn. I finally decided to finish it.

What I did today was attach (stitch) all the blue dots to the wings and stitch the wings to the body. As you can see in the picture below, there are dots on the other side of the wings too.


As I don’t remember where I got the pattern, I could not check how to attach the wings. I had to improvise. If I have to guess where the pattern is, I’d say it is a Finnish amigurumi book, but I am not sure.

Well, I am happy the butterfly girl is finally finished now! 🙂

Crocheted chicken

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates Easter! 😀

I didn’t have time to make any Easter crafts (although I would have wanted to). I’ll do some later and save them for next year…

Anyway, the little crocheted chicken is of course a kind of Easter craft, but I will let him stay in the room all year. He doesn’t have to go into the box with all the other Easter decorations. 😉

I crocheted him freehand, using no instructions. I struggled with the feet, and tried several different types. But I finally ended up with flat ovals.

I have some different colored googly eyes, so I decided to use yellow googly eyes for the chicken.

The body and the head is in one piece, so it looked like it had a long neck. That’s why I decided to add the bow. It’s just a strip of felt that I tied around his neck.

Well, I’ll see what I’ll do next. I still have some unfinished projects that I should make some progress on… But now it’s very late and I need to sleep.

Crocheted doll

I finally finished a project! 😀


She has lots of hair! Here are some other pictures. Click on the images to make them larger.

The back of the doll look like something you could mop the floor with! 😀 It took quite a long time to attach the hair. I don’t know who has more hair, this doll or the troll that I made a while ago!

As you can see you can make these dolls in the colors of the rainbow.


But one doll is enough for me. 🙂 What do you think, do my doll look a bit like these dolls? It’s always difficult to get them to look the same, of course. But I do like mine.

The colors are a little off. She is very white in the face and the other white parts of her body. The colors can best be seen in the third small picture.

Now I am going to finish some other projects before starting new ones. I have been knitting and I still have the zenbroidery thing to do (it’s a bit difficult). I also want to make some Easter crafts, as it is Easter this week.

I’ll keep posting pictures of whatever I have made.

Beading class # 4

Ok, today was the fourth beading class. Rain and strong winds when I went there with the bicycle. Very wet snow when I went home. I had to walk with the bike home, because it was so much wet, slushy snow on the streets.

No picture to show, because I didn’t finish the Christmas tree bauble. :/ But I have not much left, so I will finish it tomorrow. I don’t want to do it anymore this evening.

I might have finished it today, but we do several different things on the class, and the teacher has to walk around and show each one individually (unless there is a group of two or three doing the same thing, like tonight). So there’s quite a lot of waiting. In the end I just looked at the finished bauble, which I used as a guide, and figured out how to do it myself. But I still need to attach some strands of beads, hanging down from the bauble.

I have made the head of the Snorkmaiden, but I haven’t crocheted on it today. I have started crocheted an arm but need to make two arms before I begin with the body.