Puppy bookmarks


I finished the one with flowers today. I am not a dog expert, but I think these are a dalmatian and a jack russell terrier. I might be wrong.

They were quite easy to cross stitch. No back stitches at all! From Vervaco as many of my bookmarks.

I have been working hard on another project, but finishing it is difficult, and a bit boring. I hope I can finish it next week so I can show a picture.

I am also knitting socks, but I don’t like the irregular pattern the yarn makes. Haven’t knitted for a few weeks now and the first sock isn’t even finished yet. So I do have some unfinished things I should try to get done over the weekend or next week. I’ll show pictures later.

Off topic, I became an aunt for the fifth time on Monday morning at 8.29 am. My brother’s wife gave birth, via C-section, to a healthy baby girl. 😀 She is now five days. I visited her yesterday afternoon. They were sent home from hospital in the morning yesterday. Very cute little girl! She has an 8 year old big brother.


Squirrel/bunny bookmarks


Finished the squirrel bookmark today! 🙂 The bunny bookmark was finished actually weeks ago. I had finished that and started on the other. But then I got the bird pictures and made them first, before I continued with the squirrel bookmark.

The animals were a bit tricky to cross stitch with many shades of browns. And in the pattern the browns where all different kinds of circles. The squirrel tail I struggled with.

They are from Vervaco. Many of my cross stitched bookmarks are from there, but I order them from another site.

The blue background is with one strand only, rest of cross stitches with two strands.

And I realized I haven’t posted this yet:

I did finish them February 11th (when I last posted). But I forgot to post a picture of the socks. Blue and pink yarn.

What I got in the mail today


I wanted to show you what I ordered online from Adlibris (online company) and received today (had to go pick it up from a store).

First, from YouTuber Moriah Elizabeth, her two Create This Book(s). 🙂 I love watching her videos, especially the ones about these books. She has made only three videos about the second book so far.

I can not draw! That’s a fact! But I will try my very best and work hard on them. They will never look as good as Moriah’s, but I hope I will learn new techniques and improve my drawing, just a little bit, if not more.

I think you are allowed to show pictures of what you have drawn. I have seen many pictures online. I might not show you everything, but may be something.

The other book is called The Super Duper, Gigantic Bookmarks Coloring Book. By Alex Man. More than 360 bookmarks to color, cut out and, in my case, cover with book plastic. On the back cover are three bookmarks to cut out.

So yes, it was great to finally receive these and I will have plenty to do in them.

Now I will hurry to the knit- and crochet café. Not sure yet what to do tonight, but we’ll see.

Scratch art bookmarks


Tonight I made some scratch art bookmarks. 🙂 If you don’t know what scratch art is, it’s a card that is black. You use a tool that looks like a large tooth pick and scratch or draw on the black surface to reveal the many colors that are under the black.

It’s hard! If you make a mistake, you can’t undo it. Once you’ve scratched, it’s there. And I can’t draw! So they look a bit messy, uneven etc. But I did like it.

Parts of the bookmarks were dark purple which doesn’t show so well when you scratch on it. It almost becomes invisible. I took the pictures so that the camera would show most of the dark purple. Some of the purple looks white in the picture. But it reflects from the lamp in the ceiling.

I visited a bookshop the other day. I usually don’t go there. It was there that I found the box with 12 bookmarks and actually 12 of the scratching tools. That was unnecessary, as I used just one to scratch all.

They also came with 12 short red ribbons to add to the holes. But I avoid putting ribbons or tassels or strands on my bookmarks. I just don’t like them. Sometimes I remove them.

After I took the pictures, I covered all of them in book plastic.

Garfield bookmarks

The local library where I used to work (I don’t work there anymore), had a huge sale of old books and magazines. All the books for 50 cent each and all stacks of magazines from 50 to 2 euro, depending on what kind of magazines they are.

I got two stacks of old Garfield magazines, may be 20-30 in total. I did pay 1 euro for the magazines, although I would not have needed, since I worked there at the time. Anyway, I love Garfield and I knew I really wanted the magazines to make some bookmarks. Or, should I say, a lot of bookmarks! 😀 I counted them today: 303 in total! I didn’t think it was that many!


It has taken me awhile to cut out, cover with book plastic and cutting out again. A lot of the time I wanted to make a bookmark, but then there was another one on the other side. So I had to roughly cut out, take a photo copy of one side, so I could have both. There was room for four bookmarks on one sheet of A4 paper, so I always photo copied four at a time. I did the same thing years ago with some other Garfield cartoon albums or magazines that I had, so some of the bookmarks I already had from before. Those I did not cover in book plastic. I try not to have two of the same bookmarks.

Close ups of some of my favorites:


This time I cut out some of the strips too that I thought were funny. They are in Finnish. Here is a little translation of the top one: “Where are my training pants?” “I don’t even dare to ask where my T-shirt is.” “Then don’t look behind you!” The middle one is just the spider screaming when he lands on the Christmas tree star. Ouch! Third one: “Happy cat.” “Angry cat.” “Happy angry cat.”


On the top: “I’ve heard you are a tough cat.” “But you can’t scare me.”
Second: Kiss “Surprise.”
Third: “Cats and rats are supposed to be enemies.” “Fascinating.” “Lets talk about it.” “Cheese? At my place?”
Bottom: “New hat?” “Happy you noticed.”


Second: “Don’t be so melodramatic. You’ve been on a diet for 15 minutes.”
Third: “Honestly. Garfield, I forgot it was decaf!”

These are not exact word to word translations, but what it could be in English.

Below some of my other favorites:



So that’s what I have been doing lately… I am also cross stitching a Christmas picture! 😀 I thought I would start it early. But it’s not so big. May be I will be finished in July or August. I’ll show you when it’s done.

Going to sell on the flea market soon, so I must go through the items I have and find things that I can sell, and write the price tags and tape them to the items. That takes time too!

Different types of bookmarks


I decided to post some pictures of different types of bookmarks I have made during the years. Most of the home made ones are sticker bookmarks. Stickers on card stock and covered with book plastic.


Here are a few more sticker bookmarks.


A lot of bookmarks I have printed from the Internet (google search ‘free printable bookmarks to color’ or something like that). On some sites you have to register to be able to print the bookmarks, but I have never done that.


A few more of the colored bookmarks. The ‘Be You’ is from Red Ted Art (a woman who has a ton of crafting videos on YouTube!).


Some bookmarks are just origami paper (the three first ones) or scrapbook paper cut to strips and covered with book plastic. I realize that the third one (with the butterflies) is upside down, but I am in a hurry. I have to go to work very soon.


Garfield bookmarks. Cut from comic albums. I don’t remember what the tiger is called (Hobbes?) For the two on the sides, I have cut out small images of Garfield and some food, and written some own cartoons.


A bit of this and that. I cut out strips from a Moomin book and glued them to card stock. Sometimes I find patterns that are nice. So I color them and glue them too on card stock as in this case. The two in the middle are quotes about books. The crocodile I found in a book, took a copy and glued it to the green card stock.


Different fonts I have printed out on Word and colored a little bit. Niki was my previous cat, Kimi is the F1 driver Kimi Räikkönen.


I had stickers of women, so I thought of names and added some text about them, who they are etc. Iceman is Kimi’s nickname (another cool font I found on Word). Moomin stickers with a quote about the character (in this case Moominmamma). The blue/white I just colored. Found the pattern in a book.

So these are just a few of my handmade bookmarks, but I wanted to show you different types that I have made. I have between 1600 and 1700 bookmarks I think. Now I will hurry to work! 🙂

Winter town bookmarks


It’s been awhile since I finished some crafts, but tonight I finished the pair of winter town bookmarks. The one to the left (blue border) some days ago and the other late tonight.

They are Vervaco, as most of my cross stitched bookmarks. This time there was too little of the dark yellow. It was enough for the yellow border and a few more stitches on the other bookmark. So I had to go to a crafts store and asked the man selling there if he had the correct shade of yellow thread. He did have it. Also the white was just enough to finish both bookmarks. A very short piece was left, not even worth saving! It went in the trash can with other small pieces of thread.

The second one was easier to cross stitch. I actually made both the blue and the yellow borders first, before continuing with the blue bookmark. There’s a white inner border without stitches, but apart from that the whole area was stitched.

Almost midnight. I watched an ice hockey game (which ended in my country’s team being sent home from the world championships) 😦 Oh well, better luck next year!

I had a day off from work today, and tomorrow too. So I had/have plenty of time to do crafts. 🙂