Amineko for my cat


This is an Amineko cat that I finished tonight! 😀 The pattern is found in a book by Nekoyama, called ”Hello, my name is Amineko: The story of a Crafty Crochet Cat”. This is what the book looks like:


Years ago I crocheted an Amineko. When I got my cat, Miss Nelson (or just Nelson), I gave it to her. She is now 10 months and the crocheted cat looks really old and beaten up. It has lost its eyes and mouth. At the time, I filled the Amineko with raw rice, because it said so in the book. I don’t know how many times we have found rice on the floor. This time I filled with cotton only (but not all parts are filled).

I am sure Nelson will like her new friend even more in the future. She must get used to it now. She has already played a little with the new toy. Here are a few more pictures of the crocheted cat, including the old one, which was brown.


Sitting on my sofa.


On my mat, with Nelson’s paw. 😃


The new and the old. Same yarn, only different colors.

In the future I want to make an Amineko for me, in another yarn. But now I will continue cross stitching what I started before making this cat toy. 🙂


2nd cross stitch diary, day 18


I finally finished all the red on the Santa late last night! Already this morning I have cross stitched the hands and started on the face. After that I just need the beard before I can back stitch the table and the Santa. But I can’t do too much today. I’ve got so many other things to do.

As a bonus, here is a cat toy that I made on Sunday:


At the flea market I found 1 € shoe laces in bright colors. I got a pair of pink and green ones. The bell I already had at home, since I made the cube in a previous post. The cat likes to play with her new toy. 🙂 You can see her play on my instagram (erkasanna).

Cat toy

I was able to find a frame for the cross stitched picture today. 🙂 But I did not have time to iron the fabric or put it in the frame.

Instead I have been doing something else this afternoon! I made a cube of felt fabric for the cat. 😀

It’s a cube that is 8 cm on each side. I filled it with cotton and a little bell (last picture) to make it jingle! The red string looks a bit odd (and stiff) but I put it there so the cat can carry it in her mouth.

They sold 8 bells in a little plastic bag, so I still have 7 bells. Maybe I find other uses for them.

I have no sewing machine, so I have to sew with thread and needle.

The thing is, the cat found a similar toy that mum’s day care children play with. That’s why I decided to make a similar toy for the cat. A toy that is hers, not the children’s.

If you are familiar with Instagram, find me (erkasanna) to see a video where the cat plays with her new toy! 😀 And do follow me while you are there!