Last minute Christmas gift

In the nick of time (almost) I finished this Christmas gift for my sister’s husband! 😀 They are now wrapped and ready.

This morning I knitted from the last two grey stripes of the pattern to the end.

I used the same pattern as an other sock I found at home, but repeated the pattern for the foot blade. And I wanted to add some more white, so I made the toes white as well.

This is the first time I knitted socks for a man. I knew the shoe size and looked at some charts on the internet, how long the foot blade is when you have a specific shoe size. And I usually cast 48 stitches but this time 52 to make them larger. But he is pretty slim, so I do think they will fit his feet. And they will of course stretch and loosen a bit after a few times worn. If they are too small, we’ll take them home and knit a bit more.

During the year mum has knitted four pairs of socks, with color changing yarn. She didn’t have time to knit for the last member, but I promised I would do that. Now the whole family will get knitted socks in the afternoon. It will be interesting to see how many pairs fit their new owners. As I wrote, if they are too short they must be re-knitted a bit at home.

In Finland Christmas is celebrated today, on Christmas Eve. So in a couple of hours my sister and her daughter (I guess) will come and get us. First a trip to the grave yard with candles, then to their home for dinner and after dinner and watching Donald Duck & Co, it is almost time for Christmas gift opening. My brothers family will come later in the evening. This year my aunt will come for dinner as well.



Beaded bracelets and gift box

This afternoon I decided to make a couple of bracelets for my niece, who will also get the leg warmers.

It’s a little difficult to know how long the bracelets should be, but they fit my wrist, so they should fit hers too. But if they are too long or too short for her, I will just take them home and adjust the length.

I made thin flower chains (I think they are called that). My favorite is the pink one with a red center. I might make one for myself too in another color.

I wanted to put them in a little box, and I found in the kitchen this larger matchbox that had only a few matches in them. I moved them to another box and took the empty one back to my room, where I covered the inside with red felt and the outside box with red and green paper. Pretty simple! 🙂

I have wrapped all my Christmas gifts, except for this and the leg warmers. So I will do that tomorrow.

It’s late in the evening (past 11 pm). I am tired, so I am going to bed now.

Knitted socks!


Well, how could I resist knitting socks with these lovely blue/white colors? My favorite color is blue! 😀 I didn’t make them identical, because the pattern was so irregular. I don’t know where the pattern repeats itself. So I just started where the first sock ended.

But now I am not going to knit any socks for a while. My next knitting project, which I started tonight, right after the socks were done, is this:


It’s going to be leg warmers for my niece Wilma. She will get them for Christmas. She loves wearing socks and leg warmers every night during these cold months, and she asked for a pair of leg warmers. Mum already knitted a pair and she has been using them a lot, but she wished for an other pair to change with.

It’s a little dark, with lots of purple, dark pink and dark blue. But I think she will like them. I’ll show you when they are done. But she wanted them to be 30 centimeters, so it means I am going to have to knit a total of 60 cm! Right now I might have around five centimeters.

Mum is knitting leg warmers for my sister, using the same colored yarn as my knitted mittens. So her leg warmers are going to be different shades of grey, white and a little red.