What I got in the mail today


I wanted to show you what I ordered online from Adlibris (online company) and received today (had to go pick it up from a store).

First, from YouTuber Moriah Elizabeth, her two Create This Book(s). 🙂 I love watching her videos, especially the ones about these books. She has made only three videos about the second book so far.

I can not draw! That’s a fact! But I will try my very best and work hard on them. They will never look as good as Moriah’s, but I hope I will learn new techniques and improve my drawing, just a little bit, if not more.

I think you are allowed to show pictures of what you have drawn. I have seen many pictures online. I might not show you everything, but may be something.

The other book is called The Super Duper, Gigantic Bookmarks Coloring Book. By Alex Man. More than 360 bookmarks to color, cut out and, in my case, cover with book plastic. On the back cover are three bookmarks to cut out.

So yes, it was great to finally receive these and I will have plenty to do in them.

Now I will hurry to the knit- and crochet café. Not sure yet what to do tonight, but we’ll see.


First blog post

Welcome to a new creative blog! 😀 Here I will post pictures of the creative things I make. I like cross stitching, crocheting, beading, making bookmarks etc. Sometimes I like to try new kinds of hobbies, to see how I like them. I may even post short stories I have written. That is a form of being creative too! 🙂

The objects I make may be crooked or uneven or simple, but I have created them. And I think that is important when you start a new hobby, for example. It doesn’t have to look like the perfect pictures in the magazines! As long as you have fun while making them!

I am now in the process of crocheting African Flowers. I need 257 of them to make a blanket. I have recently begun, so there will be a lot of crocheting in the days and weeks to come.

The pictures here show the five different color combinations I am working on. Feel free to comment which your favorite color combination is! I like to read the comments and I will answer too, if you have questions.

I have a link above to my main blog, which I have had for a few years. I hope you like this new creative blog! 😀