Amineko for my cat


This is an Amineko cat that I finished tonight! 😀 The pattern is found in a book by Nekoyama, called ”Hello, my name is Amineko: The story of a Crafty Crochet Cat”. This is what the book looks like:


Years ago I crocheted an Amineko. When I got my cat, Miss Nelson (or just Nelson), I gave it to her. She is now 10 months and the crocheted cat looks really old and beaten up. It has lost its eyes and mouth. At the time, I filled the Amineko with raw rice, because it said so in the book. I don’t know how many times we have found rice on the floor. This time I filled with cotton only (but not all parts are filled).

I am sure Nelson will like her new friend even more in the future. She must get used to it now. She has already played a little with the new toy. Here are a few more pictures of the crocheted cat, including the old one, which was brown.


Sitting on my sofa.


On my mat, with Nelson’s paw. 😃


The new and the old. Same yarn, only different colors.

In the future I want to make an Amineko for me, in another yarn. But now I will continue cross stitching what I started before making this cat toy. 🙂


Ongoing crochet project


This is my big crochet project at the moment. 😃I have folded it in half in the picture.

The starting row consisted of 199 chain stitches! I had to start over a couple of times when I thought I had 199 stitches and then at the end of row 1, after adding lots and lots of treble stitches (double stitches) it didn’t match up! ☹️ But I finally started adding stitch markers on every 50th stitch, so it was easier to count. Why didn’t I do that the first time?

Well, this is my third blanket. 🙂 As you can see I have white between every colored stripes and I have five colors (well, six colors; white is a color too…) I am now doing the pink again, repeating the color combo. So after pink, I will make white and then blue again etc.

I have crochet about 33 cm so far, having started in August (don’t remember the exact date). The width is about 95 cm, plus some sort of edge later when the lenght is right. I haven’t decided the length yet.

It depends on the yarns I have. I know that they sell white, pink and orange in the shops, but I’m not sure about blue, green and purple. They may not be available any more… I have lots of yarn in plastic bags. I might find more of the yarn I need. I could also try and ask the members of the knit & crochet café that started again last Monday.

It has a soft wavy pattern, increasing at the tops and decreasing in the valleys.

I crochet three rows of each color before moving to a new color. The pattern is from a Finnish magazine called Kauneimmat käsityöt (1/2016) but I am using an other type of yarn and not the same colors. I don’t remember what size their blanket was. I crochet with the same brand as the previous blankets and the socks (Novita, 7 brothers, or 7 veljestä as it is called in Finnish.

If I’m having a good day, I can crochet maybe 3-6 rows per day. There are nearly 200 stitches per row, so one row takes quite some time!

Other things I’m doing is the earlier mentioned bookmarks, but I have not done much to those yet. I started crocheting a little bear at the knit & crochet café on Monday, but haven’t done anything else to it during the rest of the week. I might crochet a little later tonight.

But now I am going to finish the second row of pink. 🙂

Crocheted chicken

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates Easter! 😀

I didn’t have time to make any Easter crafts (although I would have wanted to). I’ll do some later and save them for next year…

Anyway, the little crocheted chicken is of course a kind of Easter craft, but I will let him stay in the room all year. He doesn’t have to go into the box with all the other Easter decorations. 😉

I crocheted him freehand, using no instructions. I struggled with the feet, and tried several different types. But I finally ended up with flat ovals.

I have some different colored googly eyes, so I decided to use yellow googly eyes for the chicken.

The body and the head is in one piece, so it looked like it had a long neck. That’s why I decided to add the bow. It’s just a strip of felt that I tied around his neck.

Well, I’ll see what I’ll do next. I still have some unfinished projects that I should make some progress on… But now it’s very late and I need to sleep.

Crocheted doll

I finally finished a project! 😀


She has lots of hair! Here are some other pictures. Click on the images to make them larger.

The back of the doll look like something you could mop the floor with! 😀 It took quite a long time to attach the hair. I don’t know who has more hair, this doll or the troll that I made a while ago!

As you can see you can make these dolls in the colors of the rainbow.


But one doll is enough for me. 🙂 What do you think, do my doll look a bit like these dolls? It’s always difficult to get them to look the same, of course. But I do like mine.

The colors are a little off. She is very white in the face and the other white parts of her body. The colors can best be seen in the third small picture.

Now I am going to finish some other projects before starting new ones. I have been knitting and I still have the zenbroidery thing to do (it’s a bit difficult). I also want to make some Easter crafts, as it is Easter this week.

I’ll keep posting pictures of whatever I have made.

Quick update on what I’m doing

I know I haven’t uploaded anything for a while. But I haven’t finished anything…

Last week was the last beading class. I just practiced a new technique, but since I know I don’t have enough beads (I counted them) I am not going to finish it. I will “destroy” it and put the beads back in the little plastic bag. May be I will work on it again if I found other beads that I can use.

I could not go to the knit and crochet café yesterday, because I had to go to work in the afternoon. So there was no time. I think there is still one of the k&cc next week, so I’ll go to that one.

What am I doing? Well, I made a few asymmetric granny squares… But when I put them together (I didn’t stitch them together, just placed them next to each other on the bed), I decided that I didn’t like the color combo. I will try to come up with a new color combo. My wish was to crochet a pillow case. I’ll show you when half of it is done (one side of the pillow). But that might take some time.

I also do something called zenbroidery. It’s like coloring a mandala with threads… The mandala motif is printed in black on the fabric and you can use whatever threads you want to color it with different stitches.

I am only used to cross stitches, back stitches and French knots, so it’s quite difficult. But I like making it. Whenever it’s done I’ll show you.

I have a pretty bad cold, so I haven’t had much energy to do anything creative. I borrowed my niece’s jigsaw puzzle (1000 pieces) and put all the pieces together. So that has taken quite a lot of my time. But It’s done now and tonight I will embroider a little on the mandala and may be go through the yarns to see if I can find a color combo that I like.


Crocheted bear with polo sweater


Here is a crocheted bear with polo sweater. 🙂 I started working on it last week at the stitch and crochet café. That time I made the head and the body. Then I didn’t do anything about it for a week. Today at home I made one arm. The rest of the things I made tonight at the class.

I used a phone app called Amigurumi Today. It meant I had to read the instructions on the phone. I think it is about 10-15 cm high, so it’s pretty small.

I left the bear at the school. It and other things I’ve made (the blanket, Moomins etc.) are going to be part of an exhibition, to show others what have been made at the knit and crochet café during the year. Other members of the class will also bring some of their works to the exhibition. I don’t know how long my things will be at the school, may be some weeks.

The collar is loosely around the body. The short sides are just stitched together at the back.

I managed to find my bag of googly eyes! 🙂 It was missing for weeks, but I found it yesterday.



Freehand troll crochet

It’s time to present my troll! 😀

Apparently it is a female troll, as it got a dress! 😉

Lots and lots of strands for the hair. It’s a mess in the back, but I think trolls have messy hair… Part of the hair is glued to keep it away from the eyes etc. The hair yarn is a little thinner than the yarn for the body and the dress, and as you can see it is multicolored. I made a little flat bowl or what to call it, and stitched it to the head, upside down. So it was like the bottom of the hair. Then I attached the strands of yarn to that, one by one. It took quite some time. I wanted the hair to be messy and of different length. I have not seen a troll with perfectly cut hair!

The dress can not be removed. I also glued the shoes to the bottom of the feet. So they can not be removed either. I made a patch of the dark blue and stitched it on the side, to make the dress look a bit old. The bottom of the dress is blue (as well as the top) and the bottom has a wavy pattern. I made a little pocket with the main dress color (I think the yarn color is called something like green petrol, whatever that means). In the pocket I put a tiny little teddy bear. The bear I made with felt probably years ago, but I thought he should be in the pocket as a little toy.

What else? As I wrote in the title and in a previous post, this is freehand. I had no instructions at all to look at. I just figured it out. It was a UFO (unfinished object). I made the head, body, the nose and an ear months ago. Then it was just half done until I decided to bring the thing to the knit and crochet café. I had made the other ear and the arms a few days before that.

I did not write down any instructions at all, so don’t ask me how it was made! 😉 I do remember that the dress is 32 stitches at the top and 66 stitches at the bottom.

I’d say it’s about 30-33 cm (=about a foot) tall.

Well, on to the next crafty project, whatever that will turn out to be… 🙂