Wasp nests

I made some wasp nests (crocheted), three for my sister and one for my sister-in-law. My sister asked for the three and mum thought I could make one for my brother’s house too.

Wasp nests are supposed to scare off wasps, thouse nasty insects that sting. Last summer there were lots of them. The idea is to put them where nests have been found and when the wasps come, they should see these and think, ”Oh, that space is occupied, let’s go somewhere else!”

I am sceptical, but we’ll see if it works. I struggled making the wasps (four per nest) and they look kind of ugly, to be honest, but seen from a distance they can look like wasps, without wings.

I made two on Sunday evening, almost two yesterday. Today I finished the fourth and made all the wasps. They are filled with shredded newspaper. It was just something I read on the internet.

Going to my brother’s house today (it was his birthday yesterday). I’m bringing with me one wasp nest and the octopus that was washed this morning. It’s not dry yet, but just a little moist.



Octopus and more


This octopus I finished today. It is for my baby niece Ellen!

I have a book how to crochet these. Apparently thousands have been made for hospitals in Denmark etc.

It had to be 100 % cotton and the stuffing had to be stuffing for a teddy or a pillow. The arms could not be longer than 22 cm, out stretched. My arms are about 20 cm when they are really stretched out to max. Now the octopus has to be washed in 60 C before Ellen can investigate it. 🙂

These are just a few free kits from cross stitch magazines that I recently made. The magazine (CrossStitcher I believe) earlier gave a fruit themed box. They have the same dimensions, 10 x 7 x 3 cm, if I remember correct. I don’t have a measuring tape at hand. The heart with wings is a brooch, in plastic canvas with black felt and brooch pin on the back.

I do have quite a lot of free kits and I’ll make some of them. Sometimes I just put away the fabric and threads to use for other things.

Cross stitched birds


Finished the middle one today (blue mug and yellow flowers). The first one to be finished some days ago was the one with white flowers. They are from the company Svarta Fåret (the black sheep).

I was looking for a winter theme to put on the wall after Christmas. But I was not able to find any on the site I use. So instead I got these birds that can be on the wall all year.

I don’t know what the birds are called or if they are supposed to look like real birds that exist.

Last, a picture of a little blue mouse I crocheted for the cat some week ago.


It’s quite small. Don’t know what the cat thinks (it’s not her favorite), but sometimes she throws it in the air and chase it. I think I should have made it a brighter color, but at the time I just found the light blue. Didn’t want to make it with a yarn that is woolly. This is cotton, so the cat won’t get any fibers (fluff) in her mouth when she is playing.

I do have a few other projects going on. But I have been reading more this year, so I haven’t had time to craft so much.

Crocheted sloth


I had this set, which is the same series as the fox. This sloth was missing for a while, but I found it and today I crocheted most of it. I made the eye patches and the white in the face a few days ago, and the rest today.

So, here is my sloth!


The arms and legs are long! On each arm/leg he has two little claws. Obviously it can not hang from its arms and legs. For that I would need to add velcro or something. I don’t even think metal wires inside would help.

I still have two figures in the series; a dragon and an elephant.

Freehand crochet doll


This is my crocheted doll that I finished today. Let me tell you how she turned out like this. 🙂


In May I crocheted this, during an extra knit and crochet café that they had at the end of the spring season. Then it was in a plastic bag, until Monday! (September 10)

On Monday I decided to take it to the class. I struggled to think of how to dress it. I mean, really. I had no idea or inspiration. So I thought, if I bring it to the class, I will have to do something about it. I just can’t sit and not do anything during the evening. I first made the shoes and then the dress.


Today (Wednesday), I decided to finish it. Because I thought there was too much ’skin’ between the neck and the dress, I crocheted a strip and attached it to cover her a bit more.

The hair was next. I am not good at attaching hair. I know there are different ways, but I should may be watch on YouTube something. I glued the hair on this doll, strands of yarn horizontically and vertically.


I wanted to make a little fringe on the forehead, so I cut the yarn short there.

I thought something was missing, so I added a little flower and a green band around the hair, to make a ponytail. I cut the strands somewhat evenly.


I have only crocheted a few flowers and I am still not good at it. But I guess you can see a flower shape. The yellow part is a little too big. The green band can act as long leaves.

Finally it was time for the face. I thought about googly eyes, but ended up putting black half beads (that are flat on the other side). I tried a red mouth and different styles, but I have difficulties crocheting mouths.

I did spend quite a lot of time on the doll, so I should be happy with the result. But it is not my favorite. I like the ponytail with the flower better than the face. But, as they say; practice makes perfect! So I just have to keep practicing to get better. 🙂

A little fox


A long time ago the bookstore had this box with almost everything you need to crochet a little fox. All you needed to add yourself was scissors and a needle to sew the parts together.

Tonight was the first knit- and crochet café of the season. I had already made the head and the ears at home. But at the class I made the body, tail, two arms and two legs. I also had just enough time to sew the pieces together and sew the black nose.

This is the finished guy!


I think he is a little cutie! 😀 Big head and small body. About 7 cm tall when sitting. 7-8 cm from the tip of the foot to the tip of the tail.

At the bookstore they also had kits to make a sloth and a dragon. So I will begin on the dragon later this week. Unfortunately the sloth has gone missing… But I know I have him somewhere in my room, so I will look for him.

Finally finished the blanket


Finally finished the blanket I’ve worked on. The yarn used is Novita’s 7 Brothers, which I have used for most of my socks. It measures 93×116 centimeters.

Here are a few more pictures:


It’s late at night, so the colors are not exact. In the first picture it looks like black, but it is a dark purple. Between the layers I made white stripes.

So I started this a year ago, I think. But then it was in a plastic bag a few months while I struggled to finish the Christmas picture last year. I have crocheted now and then during the year. Maybe once or twice a week. The last week or so I have been crocheting every day.