2nd cross stitch diary, last day!


Finished! 😀 Above close up of the stove and Mrs Claus. Below the whole picture:


Now I need to sew the finish and iron it. Not sure how many squares I’ll choose outside the red. Maybe 7-9 squares. I’ll see what looks good.


2nd cross stitch diary, day 71


I took a break from this yesterday when we celebrated Christmas. Finns and other countries celebrate 24 December.

But today is an ordinary day. So I have plenty of time to back stitch. I have finished the little bowl, the cat and the bricks on the stove. Now I will continue with the rest of the stove.

I started knitting socks for me yesterday, but I’m only just in the beginning.

2nd cross stitch diary, day 70


All cross stitches done! 😀 I made the last ones this morning. In the picture is now the areas that need back stitches. I’ll start in a little while.

It was so frustrating, though. I had done this much of the Santa hat:


Then I ran completely out of red thread! 😦 In the kit was 31 meters of red. Could they not put 32 m?

I have a ton of left over threads. But finding the right shade for the last 18 cross stitches was really hard. Some were too light and some too dark. I think I found the right one at last, or at least really close:


It’s the first five vertical lines of red from the left (top of the Santa hat). I compared the threads under a bright lamp.

Last, I finished my niece’s Christmas gift socks this morning:

She has slightly longer foot than me (and she’s 12 years!), so they should fit her feet.

I’ll start back stitching in a few hours.