Miss Nelson bookmarks


As it is Valentine today, I thought I would make a couple of bookmarks with my cat. I love her with all my heart! ❤️

I am not good at writing or drawing or cutting. So the bookmarks may look a bit childish. But I didn’t find any templates of hearts. Sure on the internet, but I didn’t want to do that this time. And after all, it’s the thought that counts. And the process of doing something. The end result doesn’t have to be as perfect as in magazines etc.

Well, I just started cross stitching another Vervaco bookmark! You’ll see some day!


Toilet paper roll yarn hats :)

Instructions here

Click on the link above (where it says Instructions here) to see instructions for these cute little hats! 😀 I think the YT channel is called Handimania. It has several cool DIY videos! Check it out!

The hats are made from an empty toilet paper roll and quite a lot of yarn.

The teddy bears are just acting models for the hats tonight. I might do some small snowmen or may be crochet little teddy bears that can wear these hats.

For the one to the right I used the yarn that was left over when I had knitted my socks (the candy colored from a previous post). I just put the strands in a random order. The one to the left is two strands pink, two strands yellow etc.

One toilet paper roll gives five hats, so I can make three more. But I’ll do that another day. May be I’ll make those single colored, as they are in the video.

I have not been working on the blanket today – yet. I might crochet a little before going to bed. Nothing good on TV. May be I’ll watch an episode or two of Numb3rs on DVD.