Socks and cross stitched pictures



I have not been posting for awhile, but I will try to be more active! Here are three small cross stitched pictures that I have made recently. They are from the company Svarta Fåret (the black sheep).

I first finished the swan, then the cows. Yesterday the sheep was finished. I really like them.

Because they are horizontal rather than vertical, I could not put them on the wall where I have the other small cross stitch pictures. So I had to put them somewhere else on the wall. I still have the bird pictures up, but will replace them with a summer theme later.

And here are the latest socks, finished a while ago (April 16th).

These are the socks that was a U.F.O. for quite a long time, because I didn’t like the irregular pattern. I didn’t even bother trying to get the other pair the same.

They are not my favorites, but I have used them of course. Novita yarn, as most of my knitted socks.

Now I will cross stitch bookmarks and yes, another pair of socks! I have almost finished one sock. I will finish it today and start on the other one. I’d also like to knit something else, but we’ll see. 🙂


Squirrel/bunny bookmarks


Finished the squirrel bookmark today! 🙂 The bunny bookmark was finished actually weeks ago. I had finished that and started on the other. But then I got the bird pictures and made them first, before I continued with the squirrel bookmark.

The animals were a bit tricky to cross stitch with many shades of browns. And in the pattern the browns where all different kinds of circles. The squirrel tail I struggled with.

They are from Vervaco. Many of my cross stitched bookmarks are from there, but I order them from another site.

The blue background is with one strand only, rest of cross stitches with two strands.

And I realized I haven’t posted this yet:

I did finish them February 11th (when I last posted). But I forgot to post a picture of the socks. Blue and pink yarn.

Last minute Christmas gift

In the nick of time (almost) I finished this Christmas gift for my sister’s husband! 😀 They are now wrapped and ready.

This morning I knitted from the last two grey stripes of the pattern to the end.

I used the same pattern as an other sock I found at home, but repeated the pattern for the foot blade. And I wanted to add some more white, so I made the toes white as well.

This is the first time I knitted socks for a man. I knew the shoe size and looked at some charts on the internet, how long the foot blade is when you have a specific shoe size. And I usually cast 48 stitches but this time 52 to make them larger. But he is pretty slim, so I do think they will fit his feet. And they will of course stretch and loosen a bit after a few times worn. If they are too small, we’ll take them home and knit a bit more.

During the year mum has knitted four pairs of socks, with color changing yarn. She didn’t have time to knit for the last member, but I promised I would do that. Now the whole family will get knitted socks in the afternoon. It will be interesting to see how many pairs fit their new owners. As I wrote, if they are too short they must be re-knitted a bit at home.

In Finland Christmas is celebrated today, on Christmas Eve. So in a couple of hours my sister and her daughter (I guess) will come and get us. First a trip to the grave yard with candles, then to their home for dinner and after dinner and watching Donald Duck & Co, it is almost time for Christmas gift opening. My brothers family will come later in the evening. This year my aunt will come for dinner as well.


Autumn socks


Just a quick post to show the latest knitted socks that I finished yesterday. The yarn is Novita and the color is called Syysmetsä, which is Finnish for Autumn forest.

I started knitting on Sunday and finished on Tuesday, so it went pretty quickly.

At the moment I am just cross stitching a Christmas card. I haven’t cross stitched in a few days, so I should do it tonight.

Diamond painting and knitted socks

First, my green white socks. 🙂 I started knitting on Friday. And I finished the second sock yesterday at the knit- and crochet café. The yarn is called Novita Mökki. Mökki is Finnish for a little house, cottage. Usually summer cottage.

The reason I finished so quickly was partly because I went to a class where we could knit, crochet, sew or embroider for several hours on Friday (6 pm to 9 pm) and Saturday (10 am to 4 pm). We had a lunch break too, around 30 minutes on Saturday. I think I was the only knitter at the class. Some did patchwork, some made aprons or clothing for themselves or their babies.

I finished the first sock quite early on Saturday at 10.30. The rest of the time I cross stitched a Christmas card. It is done now (I finished it on Sunday). But I am going to show it later when I have cross stitched other Christmas cards.

Anyway, today I got a package with some cross stitch kits. 😀 I also ordered two small Diamond Paintings, because I had not tried it before. So I wanted to see what it was like.

I loved it! 😀 First I made the flower mandala and then the peace sign. I will definitely do this again later! These are quite small and good for beginners. The kit came with everything you needed. I still don’t know what to do with them, may be I’ll frame them if I can find small frames. The pictures does not show how much they glitters.

First pair of socks of the season!


I have knitted my first pair of socks this autumn! They are made with a yarn from Novita, called Niitty. This is a little softer and thinner than the yarn I usually use for socks.

Not much remained of the yarn and I made them with only 7 centimeters before the heel. So I think two yarns might be needed for socks that are 15 cm from the heel up.

They are nice to wear when it’s not too cold yet. I would say the summer is over, but it’s still regularly around +15 C, +/- some degrees. The Finnish kids are back in schools now.

The heel is not so good. I have made this heel a few times in the past, but I had to watch a tutorial on YouTube to fresh up the memory. I think I now will remember how to make the heel without watching the tutorial.

I feel more energetic with the extremely long heat wave over, so I will crochet, knit and cross stitch more frequently now than during the summer.

I still work on the Christmas cross stitch. Haven’t done anything to it in the past days. I will probably cross stitch later tonight if I watch a movie on TV or DVD.

In the beginning of September, the knit and crochet café will start again. So then I will do that Monday evenings.

Anyway, I might finish some U.F.O.s or do something else.

Blue/white knitted socks

Finished these at the first knit and crochet cafe after the Christmas break. In the picture the white looks almost beige, but in reality I would say it is a very, very pale blue. But it’s supposed to be white. The yarn was released last year I think, to celebrate Finland’s 100 years of independence. Many Finns knitted these socks last year.

So it was the first time I tried another heel than the one I usually knit. I watched a Swedish tutorial on Youtube. Some larger holes in the heel, but I might try to sew a few stitches to make them smaller later.

I finished the socks quite early in the evening, and I only had that yarn with me. So the rest of the time I started knitting wrist warmers. You’ll see when they are done. Probably going to take a while, because I have no pattern to follow. And I want to focus on the cross stitched bookmarks now.