Socks and cross stitched pictures



I have not been posting for awhile, but I will try to be more active! Here are three small cross stitched pictures that I have made recently. They are from the company Svarta Fåret (the black sheep).

I first finished the swan, then the cows. Yesterday the sheep was finished. I really like them.

Because they are horizontal rather than vertical, I could not put them on the wall where I have the other small cross stitch pictures. So I had to put them somewhere else on the wall. I still have the bird pictures up, but will replace them with a summer theme later.

And here are the latest socks, finished a while ago (April 16th).

These are the socks that was a U.F.O. for quite a long time, because I didn’t like the irregular pattern. I didn’t even bother trying to get the other pair the same.

They are not my favorites, but I have used them of course. Novita yarn, as most of my knitted socks.

Now I will cross stitch bookmarks and yes, another pair of socks! I have almost finished one sock. I will finish it today and start on the other one. I’d also like to knit something else, but we’ll see. 🙂


Squirrel/bunny bookmarks


Finished the squirrel bookmark today! 🙂 The bunny bookmark was finished actually weeks ago. I had finished that and started on the other. But then I got the bird pictures and made them first, before I continued with the squirrel bookmark.

The animals were a bit tricky to cross stitch with many shades of browns. And in the pattern the browns where all different kinds of circles. The squirrel tail I struggled with.

They are from Vervaco. Many of my cross stitched bookmarks are from there, but I order them from another site.

The blue background is with one strand only, rest of cross stitches with two strands.

And I realized I haven’t posted this yet:

I did finish them February 11th (when I last posted). But I forgot to post a picture of the socks. Blue and pink yarn.

Knitted hat and bookmark


It’s past midnight, but I decided to post this anyway.

Yesterday (as it is a new day now…) I finished knitting this hat with a 100 % polyester fur ball. I just wanted to point out that it is fake. The yarn has reflective thread, so it lights up in the darkness when a light source hits it. I haven’t really tried it, so I don’t know how well it shows in darkness.

It was a Christmas gift  from my brother and sister-in-law. There was a little basket with two balls of yarn (one was not enough), the fur ball and instructions. But no picture of the hat, so I did not know what it would look like.

I started knitting on Monday at the knit and crochet café that started again after the Christmas break.

The bookmark I just finished. Started earlier tonight, so it didn’t take long. Just a little rocking horse to cross stitch. It came with double sided, really sticky, tape, as the bookmark is folded in half vertically. On the backside is printed little horses with pink manes and tails.

Now I need to sleep.

Last minute Christmas gift

In the nick of time (almost) I finished this Christmas gift for my sister’s husband! 😀 They are now wrapped and ready.

This morning I knitted from the last two grey stripes of the pattern to the end.

I used the same pattern as an other sock I found at home, but repeated the pattern for the foot blade. And I wanted to add some more white, so I made the toes white as well.

This is the first time I knitted socks for a man. I knew the shoe size and looked at some charts on the internet, how long the foot blade is when you have a specific shoe size. And I usually cast 48 stitches but this time 52 to make them larger. But he is pretty slim, so I do think they will fit his feet. And they will of course stretch and loosen a bit after a few times worn. If they are too small, we’ll take them home and knit a bit more.

During the year mum has knitted four pairs of socks, with color changing yarn. She didn’t have time to knit for the last member, but I promised I would do that. Now the whole family will get knitted socks in the afternoon. It will be interesting to see how many pairs fit their new owners. As I wrote, if they are too short they must be re-knitted a bit at home.

In Finland Christmas is celebrated today, on Christmas Eve. So in a couple of hours my sister and her daughter (I guess) will come and get us. First a trip to the grave yard with candles, then to their home for dinner and after dinner and watching Donald Duck & Co, it is almost time for Christmas gift opening. My brothers family will come later in the evening. This year my aunt will come for dinner as well.


Pocketbook slippers


I finished these pocketbook slippers tonight (the slipper to the left). I attend a class where we met three hours tonight and tomorrow from 10 am to 4 pm.

They are easy to knit and these are my second pair. The first pair looks like this:


The first pair I finished awhile ago. I have used them a lot, so they have stretched out.

The straight part of the slipper was knitted as 1+1 (knit, purl, knit, purl…) The second pair I made 2+2 (k, k, p, p…)

This is how they look on the foot:


In the past weeks I have cross stitched several Christmas cards. But I will show them all at the same time.

Last Sunday (November 18) I was very sad as I lost my cat in a tragic accident. In a state of panic the cat bit my thumb. She didn’t do it to mean harm. It is one of the hardest desicions, having to say yes, when the vet asks if you agree to let the cat pass over to the ’other side’. I am sure all pet owners who have made the decision will agree. But it was the right decision as the cat would not have survived anyway.

Because of the thumb I was not able to knit, crochet or cross stitch until today. I tried knitting earlier today, and it was okay, as long as I didn’t press the knitting needle on the bite mark, which is healing now. I didn’t feel much during the three hours I knitted tonight. But I have not yet tried cross stitching or crocheting. I will try it tomorrow morning before going back to class.

Losing a pet really hurts and I cried a lot. We now have a new cat, which is the little sister to my deceased cat. They have the same mother. We call the new kitten Luna (which of course means ’moon’). She is four months and will be five months on Monday next week. Here she is:


She likes cuddles and purrs. 🙂 I love her very much! I love all my angel cats to the moon and back. Here are the two most recent angel cats on my bedroom wall.


Below the cat that passed on Sunday.

This post turned from knitting to cats. But I wanted to let you know about the sadness I have experienced and let you see the new family member.

Tomorrow at the class I will knit more, and hopefully I will be able to cross stitch as well.

Autumn socks


Just a quick post to show the latest knitted socks that I finished yesterday. The yarn is Novita and the color is called Syysmetsä, which is Finnish for Autumn forest.

I started knitting on Sunday and finished on Tuesday, so it went pretty quickly.

At the moment I am just cross stitching a Christmas card. I haven’t cross stitched in a few days, so I should do it tonight.

Diamond painting and knitted socks

First, my green white socks. 🙂 I started knitting on Friday. And I finished the second sock yesterday at the knit- and crochet café. The yarn is called Novita Mökki. Mökki is Finnish for a little house, cottage. Usually summer cottage.

The reason I finished so quickly was partly because I went to a class where we could knit, crochet, sew or embroider for several hours on Friday (6 pm to 9 pm) and Saturday (10 am to 4 pm). We had a lunch break too, around 30 minutes on Saturday. I think I was the only knitter at the class. Some did patchwork, some made aprons or clothing for themselves or their babies.

I finished the first sock quite early on Saturday at 10.30. The rest of the time I cross stitched a Christmas card. It is done now (I finished it on Sunday). But I am going to show it later when I have cross stitched other Christmas cards.

Anyway, today I got a package with some cross stitch kits. 😀 I also ordered two small Diamond Paintings, because I had not tried it before. So I wanted to see what it was like.

I loved it! 😀 First I made the flower mandala and then the peace sign. I will definitely do this again later! These are quite small and good for beginners. The kit came with everything you needed. I still don’t know what to do with them, may be I’ll frame them if I can find small frames. The pictures does not show how much they glitters.