My first knitted bird!


Tonight I tried to make a knitted bird. It is from a book by Arne and Carlos. Google them if you don’t know who the two Norwegians are!

It was the first time I tried to knit like a toy or something. And I only had the book in Finnish. (Not my mother tongue…)

Some beginners’ mistakes, I am sure. But it was fun to make! The beak looks a bit weird. Maybe I had too thick yarn. A few holes I had to sew afterwards.

I started around 6 pm and finished at 10 pm, taking breaks every now and then.


Another angle of the bird. The yarn is a sock yarn from Novita, changing colors automatically. Here’s the yarn:


My next step would be to make a single colored bird and try to embroider a pattern with V-stitches. There are some birds like that in the book. I think the English version is called ”A field guide to knitted birds” or something like that.

The Norwegians use small seed beads for eyes and many birds are decorated with sequins and feathers at the back. A crocheted strand can be added to the head if it is going to be hanged up in a tree. Feet (optional) are made of thick metal wire. But I don’t have that.

It’s late, so I need to sleep now.


Easter colored socks

Finished these Easter colored socks today! 🙂 Not much remained of the yarn, because I had to cut quite a lot before I could start on the second sock. The yarn company Novita sells this around Easter, just like they do with other yarns around Christmas.

Well, time to sleep. I don’t really have anything crafty now (I guess there are always ufo’s to be found around the bedroom). I’ll see what I decide to do next.

Long knitted wrist warmers

I finished these tonight. 🙂 They go all the way up to the elbow. I would have chosen another yarn, maybe single colored. But two weeks ago, at the knit and crochet cafe I finished the socks quite early in the evening. I only had the sock yarn with me, so I either had to go home early or start a new project with the same yarn. I chose to start making these.

The yarn lasted for both socks and one wrist warmer. Plus up to seven blue stripes on the other wrist warmer. I used mum’s leftover yarn when my yarn ended. She had made the same blue white socks for my nephew (the 15 year old), for Christmas.

Now I will focus more on the bookmark. I have not even finished the border yet, so I’m just in the beginning.

Blue/white knitted socks

Finished these at the first knit and crochet cafe after the Christmas break. In the picture the white looks almost beige, but in reality I would say it is a very, very pale blue. But it’s supposed to be white. The yarn was released last year I think, to celebrate Finland’s 100 years of independence. Many Finns knitted these socks last year.

So it was the first time I tried another heel than the one I usually knit. I watched a Swedish tutorial on Youtube. Some larger holes in the heel, but I might try to sew a few stitches to make them smaller later.

I finished the socks quite early in the evening, and I only had that yarn with me. So the rest of the time I started knitting wrist warmers. You’ll see when they are done. Probably going to take a while, because I have no pattern to follow. And I want to focus on the cross stitched bookmarks now.


2nd cross stitch diary, day 70


All cross stitches done! 😀 I made the last ones this morning. In the picture is now the areas that need back stitches. I’ll start in a little while.

It was so frustrating, though. I had done this much of the Santa hat:


Then I ran completely out of red thread! 😦 In the kit was 31 meters of red. Could they not put 32 m?

I have a ton of left over threads. But finding the right shade for the last 18 cross stitches was really hard. Some were too light and some too dark. I think I found the right one at last, or at least really close:


It’s the first five vertical lines of red from the left (top of the Santa hat). I compared the threads under a bright lamp.

Last, I finished my niece’s Christmas gift socks this morning:

She has slightly longer foot than me (and she’s 12 years!), so they should fit her feet.

I’ll start back stitching in a few hours.

Pattern knitted socks!

Don’t look too closely at the stitches! 😉

Finally I finished the socks I have been knitting for so long! I asked my niece, and she said I don’t need to add the letters.

This is the first time I knitted according to a pattern, with three different colored yarns. For many, I guess this would be a piece of cake and they could finish a sock in a day or two.

But for me it was difficult, being the first time. And there were lots of threads to fasten afterwards.

The colors are those of her gymnastics team. They celebrate 20 years I think, and designed their own knitted sock, in case grandmothers or other relatives would wish to knit. She is 12 years and a talented gymnastics girl. 😀

I am happy these are done now. I can try knitting something else. But for now my main focus will be the cross stitch picture.

I will cross stitch a little bit more before posting here again later in the evening. 🙂

Knitted socks – again!

So I have been knitting quite a lot in the past few days! 😀 Tonight I finished these. They are made with a Swedish yarn called Raggi. Mum bought the yarn in Sweden. It is a little thicker than the yarn I usually use, so I had to decrease while I made the foot part. They look a bit odd, but they are quite nice to wear. May be a little to lose at the heel. But it’s okay.

My niece’s socks and the crocheted blanket has suffered a little. But I wanted to get these socks done first. Now I’ll focus on the other socks. I hope they’ll be done on the weekend. I should crochet on the blanket too, but there is no hurry with the blanket.

Tomorrow is Friday! We’ll see what I’ll do when I come home from work. Cross stitch, for sure, and maybe the other sock.