Cross stitch diary, day 29


Yesterday I made all the blue stitches in the flowers and I started with the yellow in the middle. All the flowers have one to three shades of yellow in the middle. I started with the color that appears in all of them.

We’ll see if I can finish all the flowers today.


Cross stitch diary, day 27


I added some light blue to some flowers yesterday. 🙂 It was fun to stitch with blue again after so much green.

We’ll see how far I get today.


Cross stitch diary, day 26


I finally finished the grass late last night. 😀 Today I will start on the flowers (all those white holes in the grass…)

But tonight I’m going to town for the Night of Arts, so I will not be able to cross stitch much tonight. I will do some stitching before I go or in the morning.


Cross stitch diary, day 25


Not much progress yesterday. 😦 I hoped I would have finished all the green by now, but I only did a small amount yesterday. We’ll see if I finish it tonight. I am stitching now and there are still some more hours. It’s soon 7 pm.


Cross stitch diary, day 24


I made a decent amount of stitches yesterday and I might be able to finish the grass today.

Well, not much else to comment. I’ll try to cross stitch alot today, but it depends on the kitten of course.


Cross stitch diary, day 23


Not much stitching yesterday, just a little in the evening. I have started the fourth shade of green, going the same direction as the first shade of green, clockwise from right to left.

I hope I will have time to do more stitches today.