Scratch art bookmarks


Tonight I made some scratch art bookmarks. 🙂 If you don’t know what scratch art is, it’s a card that is black. You use a tool that looks like a large tooth pick and scratch or draw on the black surface to reveal the many colors that are under the black.

It’s hard! If you make a mistake, you can’t undo it. Once you’ve scratched, it’s there. And I can’t draw! So they look a bit messy, uneven etc. But I did like it.

Parts of the bookmarks were dark purple which doesn’t show so well when you scratch on it. It almost becomes invisible. I took the pictures so that the camera would show most of the dark purple. Some of the purple looks white in the picture. But it reflects from the lamp in the ceiling.

I visited a bookshop the other day. I usually don’t go there. It was there that I found the box with 12 bookmarks and actually 12 of the scratching tools. That was unnecessary, as I used just one to scratch all.

They also came with 12 short red ribbons to add to the holes. But I avoid putting ribbons or tassels or strands on my bookmarks. I just don’t like them. Sometimes I remove them.

After I took the pictures, I covered all of them in book plastic.